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G36 Picture Thread

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installed a TMC RAS unit on my SL9 (still need a new gearbox)

And I must say, although the finish is great, it doesn't fit by a long shot.

de rail is too narrow horizontally en too wide vertically.

I needed to file off some polymer to make it fit.


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Barrel am bent?


I am guessing you just dont have internals in yet?


Barrel is not bend, It's an optic illusion.

And like I said before, need to install a new gearbox, unless I can get my hands on a star/ares motorcage and that side plate thingy on the gearbox.

believe it or not I was able to break those two with my bare hands. too bad since the rest of the gearbox is surprisingly very strong. :huh:

A scope? Honestly I almost never play with a scope, still get plenty of kills with just ironsights.


but first I have to finish my custom magpul CQB rifle. :)

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Added a few more weapon profiles to my Airsoftbuilds profile.

You might have seen some of them before, at least I do think I posted some pics here a while back, but anyway, here goes:

My G36A2 -



Our team's Loaner gun -



I call it the G36KL

L stands for Loaner :P

Never used it myself, but the friends I've dragged to the skirmish field who've used it were pretty pleased.


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Nice? It's got a real steel Aimpoint, a CA silencer, and a real steel Surefire...


What do you want, a cookie? :unsure: It looks nice. :rolleyes:



Also, the tape is there for grip. ...I get sweaty...


Fair enough. Might want to look into getting some black tape, though. Or wear gloves.

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Can anyone help me here please.


If anyone have G36K with RIS handguard and scoped handle, can you post up a picture of your rifle with eotech mounted on top of the RIS? (not on top of scope on the carry handle.)



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You can see it through the scope on carry handle. My question is, first the look, second the usability.


Generally I wouldn't place any optic on handguard but I really dislike the height of having eotech on top of carry handle unless I'm wearing respirator. I like the scoped carry handle so I don't really plan to replace it with railed carry handle.



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1: It works, sortof. I haven't tested it with the RAS, because I can't be bothered to switch around my handguards and sights just for a crazy idea like this, but a "dry fit" test, holding the EOTech at the approximate height over the normal G36 handguard it would be if it was a KAC G36 RAS; it did work.


2: But not very well. Sure, you get to see a bright red ring through your scope, but the EOTech would be much better utilized ON TOP of the scope, not in front of it. It IS meant for close quarters, after all.


3: If you mount MP7 sights on a STAR rail (like the K I posted recently), you'll get them perfectly co-witnessed with a RAS-mounted EOTech in the flip-down position.

Flip them up, and they'll co-witness the EOTech if it's mounted on the same rail as them.

A better idea, IMHO, but I still prefer having the 'tech mounted in a more traditional manner.

On the receiver rail, not the handguard.



Shot some pics to illustrate:

On the G36KL:



Tried getting some pics of the co-witness, but it wasn't easy.

One with and one without the flash, I need a new camera...




Here on my WIP G36KA1 project:


The placeholder G36C-sights do NOT co-witness the EOTech.




the only reason I can see for mounting it like that is if you want it as low as possible, to reduce height over bore or get a better cheekweld.

It wasn't uncomfortable to use in any way, but it just didn't feel as "right" as having it further back.

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Thanks for the help. That doesn't look too bad. Much appreciated for the pics. :)


What I was actually wondering was being able to use it with carry handle scope rather than railed handguards.

So that I can get clear view of crosshair through the scope.



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