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Multicam Goodness


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We've got a whole new line accessories from Echo 1 in the latest camouflage craze, Multicam. For the M14 owner, we have 190 round M14 magazines that work with Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, ICS, Echo 1, JG, A&K, G&P, and all your other alphabet soup AEG companies.


Our M4\M16 line is enough to totally trick out your gun including thermal mold high capacity magazines, ergonomic pistol grips, drop in crane stocks, and M4A1 handguards. With a little time and investment into our new accessories line, you'll have so much Multicam going on that your gun will be one with the shrubs. Now that's good camouflage. And remember, Evike.com is a fully licensed Multicam distributor with authorization from Crye Precision.


Echo 1 M14 Multicam Magazine

<img src=http://store.matrixbb.com/catalog/MAG_E1_MulM4190_lg.jpg >



Echo 1 M4\M16 Multicam Thermal Magazine

<img src=http://store.matrixbb.com/catalog/MAG_E1_MulM4300_lg.gif >


Echo 1 M4\M16 Multicam Ergonomic Pistol Grip

<img src=http://store.matrixbb.com/catalog/Grip_E1_Mul614_lg.gif >


Echo 1 M4\M16 Multicam Crane Stock w/ Stock Tube

<img src=http://store.matrixbb.com/catalog/Stock_E1_MulCrane_lg.gif >


Echo 1 M4 Multicam Handguards

<img src=http://store.matrixbb.com/catalog/Parts_E1_MulHG_lg.gif >



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