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GWS SIGARMS 556 review

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as i've said before, hot looking 556 man! :D

Thanks dude!


Have you gotten around to testfiring it?


I've been extremely busy the past weeks, so i haven't had the time to check out my own 556 since my last post.

Sadly no. We've had a trailer due and I've been working 6 to 7 day weeks for a while. I'm kinda burned out. Now that the trailer has been delivered, I'm trying to get back on a normal schedule, but most of the time I've just been going home and passing out. On the plus side the trailer looks pretty cool. :)


But I digress. I'll try and test it out this weekend. That and my G&P MK46.



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Hey guys got pointed to this thread by a mate who's never off the forums!

I managed to get a hold of one of the first 20 kits so got it at a discounted rate (it made it through customs untouched but my $20 cap cost me and extra $10 ha ha)


after reading this thread and one or two other 556 threads, i think i'm one of the lucky ones, fit and finish is awesome on mine, swapped out the stock for a EMOD stock, lower receiver held together solid (after putting in the spare pins) minimal foregrip wobble and only very, and i mean very, little front sight movement.


USCMCorps yours looks the dogs dangles as well as Sturgis'! never thought of chopping of the front sight, possibly replacing with a small section of RIS for future fitments of a front sight.


as for the barrel thread, i tried a +ve threaded FH on it but the threads weren't right, that and they were bigger. did you guys get GWS to make a custom adapter or whole different front section? love the look of the sound hog!


Anyone tried moulding fibreglass/resin on the pistol grip/trigger guard?


Also anyone dared to take a dremel to their kit for use of a crane stock? i'm contemplating it as i'm running it off a PEQ box and my forearm is now as big as my thigh ha ha

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I ordered the Dark Earth Kit a few days after news of the release. It arrived 2 weeks ago but I have been to buys to have it put together.

I picked it up this afternoon and I must say it looks great.

I'll post some more about two issues I am having tonight after I take some pics.

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So here it is all stock. Sorry for the ###### pic. Iphone camera ftl. Ill take more this week. The only issue I have is where the front meets the receiver. I see in USMC pic that he has the same issue. That the top of the RIS (or is it RAS I get them mixed up) do not close all the way. Even with out the battery in there.


Also USMC I really love the look of the shorter barrel and your flash hider. I may need to bite your style.


I also think with 3 guns now I need to really pick up an eotech

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i had that problem with my fore grip as well but i tightened the hex screws that hold the barrel assembly on and it fitted better. must admit i love the dark earth!

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According to the SIG website, it's a "Alloy Quad Rail" - I'm guessing one of their own proprietary rail systems. So it'll either be GWS' own replica of the front end, or it's a real-steel item.



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OK, so I have had this gun for ages but it has been only half built while I waited for some parts and the time I needed to get this little job done.


I have already mentioned that I have the proud RAS for the 552 on my gun which leaves only enough room for a mini battery and nothing else inside (apart from the potential to fit a crane stock).


When I built the 556 the first time I noticed that there were indices on the selector for Safe, Semi, Burst and Auto so I decided to set it up to have a burst facility.

Originally I had a TM Sig 550 burst controller in the battery compartment of the RAS and an external battery but I hate external batteries and crane stocks and I wanted to protect the burst circuits with a MOSFET and there isn't room in the RAS for the 550 controller and a MOSFET.


While extreme fire's computer is capable of burst fire and I am a big fan of their products it is not capable of doing it based on the input from a selector switch so I couldn't use that controller.


While browsing around though MOSFET info I found that air-sharp's burst controller has a switch that needs to be pushed to make the burst operate.

I got a couple (first three were lost in the post, Ian replaced them for free, good service there) and then ran out of time.


Recently I picked up this project again, basically on a marui 550 burst controller the burst is a shortened auto burst and is adjustable so the selector does this:

Safe: safe

Semi: selector plate is in semi, burst contacts are open, fires one shot.

Burst: selector plate in auto, burst contacts are open, fires for a period of time set by the user.

Auto: selector plate in auto, burst contacts closed, controller is bypassed and the gun fires in auto.


This is different to the air sharp controller because the air sharp controller operates while the weapon is in semi, it delays the end of a semi shot to produce a burst.


That meant that I had to cut the selector plate so that instead of safe, single, auto, auto. it produced safe, single, single, auto.

Once I had done that I needed to remove and re-shape the copper contacts that tell the burst controller to activate so that they were closed in the burst position and not in the auto position.






I then put the burst controller in the stock tube (which it filled diameter wise, it is not a small unit) and wire everything up.


That was complicated, there are 7 wires to the controller, two battery leads, one to the motor, one to the motor via the selector, one lead wire from the other half of the selector and two wires to the burst position indicator.


It is a bit of a mess inside this gun.




That said it all works fine, I took it to the 'werks last night and it fed flawlessly on an ICS hicap and on star realcaps.

It is a stock 552 gearbox with the hop and selector plate from a 550 and an EG1000 so the rof isn't too high, I think the convoluted feed tube might struggle with high rof applications.



I love it, I was using tracer last night and it looked the mutt's.

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I put shims of coke tin metal between the two halves of the feed tube, it was pinching the bbs at one point.


Both of those mags have a really strong spring though, I wouldn't like to try a midcap in the gun.

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