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Marvin the best place is ebay mate, IIRC there is one German guy who sells a lot of auscam kit.


I am still wearing my auscam kit I was issued way back and it rocks in the UK woodland scene.


Also have DPDUs (desert kit) mainly for urban work.


and I am an aussie ;)



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that has auscam.

Hong - geek! That was a good game too. Do you have any pics of me in my auscam at all? And.. should I post some of 'Brian' from Chch?

Danke - also need some aussie boots. :)

Sniper64 -nice NZ DPM there too, mate. :)

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well, if 4RAR use M4 variants at times, I don't see why they won't also get other toys to play with from time to time.


Just not the same sort of quantity as thei-R 'flashe-R cousins', I expect. :)

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Diemaco C7/SFW's.



As well as SR-25's. Alot of the images I have seen from 4rar in E. Timor have alot or SR25's in them mixed in with the Diemaco's. I am in the market for a set of AUSCAM for a 4rar impression I have been planning for awhile. I aquired the MAR-CIRAS in Coyote and the SR25.


Im useing these as my refference:













There are a few different rigs in these pics, Im not sure whay plate carrier a few of the SR25 guys have on..almost looks like an Eagle Industries one...but I don't know..and I have a CIRAs..so I think CIRAS it is.







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