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guys, question


anywhere i can easily get hold of an auscam combat shirt?


and is auscam readily available for airsofters in the UK


ive failed to find anything other than ebay and sometimes that can be hit or miss.


We did a big team order from this guy,smocks and fleeces, great kit, great prices,"Arnie o" (above) a team mate, is sporting one of his smocks.

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For the record, i have made some modifications to my smock, and have some others to do.

from the picture the most notable one is the addition of a 100mm x 100mm cayote brown velcro patch on the arm to attach the obvious unit and ID patches to, i play on doing the same to the other side.

I have also removed the eppelette (Rank slide) from the cront centre of the smock and moved it to the back of the smocks coller this is now used to secure the smocks hood down when not in use.

I have also added para cord zipper pulls to the zips on the main opening of the smock to make them easier to use.


i do plan on replacing the para cord around the waist line of the smock with some shock cord as personal preferance.


Other than that its a great smock, and has bags and bags os storage.

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Hi Guys,

that looks great! Do you mind if we put your photos on the BE-X website? If its OK, please give me some details of your team!

And if you have any feedback for me, please share. For those who dont know by now, I am the Project manager for BE-X :)


Kind regards,

Walter "Grimm" Ruf


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The pics I think belong to Ed at http://www.pbase.com/edelias/image/106004635 I am sure he would be willing to help you


The weekend was run by Stirling Airsoft and we bought our auscam from warrior webbing in the UK.


link http://www.warrior-webbing.com/


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