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Is it just me, or is Desert auscam completely pointless, since regular auscam is quite blatantly fine?


Its just you. DPDU is sexy :P .


I have it on authority that regular auscam was/is used more often than not because, as you say its 'quite blatantly fine'. Desert gear was virtually un-used for the above reason, and private purchase brown/auscam gear was/is very common.

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Kitlist? I´ve read and seen some photos of ausies using mar-ciras in MJK, so could be correct for a sasr loadout?


My "real" loudout was based on those 4RAR-Impressions.


Kitlist.... ohm:


MSA MICH (painted) with NVG-Mount and Strobe light


Peltor Comtac XS

Pantac CIRAS Maritime with:

- Double M4 Pouches

- Radio Pouch

- Medical Pouch

- Large Utility Pouch

- Hydrocarrier

- SAPI Plates

Molle Belt (OD) with Suspender and:

- Dual Pistol Pouch (Blackhawk and Pantac)

- Folding Magazine Dump Pouch

- Safariland 6004

- Glowsticks

- Smoke Grenade Pouch

- M4 Pouch

Hellstorm Kneepads

Nomex Gloves (OD)

BDU-Belt (OD)

Altama Desert Boots


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Looking good so far. but please change the flag.

Where you got the dpcu from?



The vest used to be the genuine issued body armour until the Land 125 System was intorduced back in 2005/2006.

Got a lucky shot on egay a 2 years ago.


@Joshua Rose:

Got something new comming soon. :P Very first pattern DPDU's (similar to US 3 col.). Mainly used as enemy cams for training purposes.

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does anyone know where to get this in the US?

I'd try to source some Auscam through ebay, it's where I purchased all of my Auscam kit; search either 'auscam' or 'dpcu'. There's one seller who usually has some listed, can't remember his name though.


As an alternative, try 'Auscam' searched on Begadi Online Store which is where items were purchased by some people I played alongside at an event run by Stirling Airsoft in the UK.




I'm in the front row on the right with the Steyr AUG. The gent in the front row next to me is wearing one of the Begadi DPCU fleece jackets.

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