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Well, i´m working on my loadout for greenside op´s and i wanted to know your opinion.

Good looking kitlist, however if you look at the nature of the work being done in Afghanistan (or previsouly in Iraq even) you probably won't see any real greenside load outs. The threat environment calls for body armour. If you want to do greenside then I would suggest looking towards East Timor, despite the fact that it's not really a major combat threatre anymore there are still Australian forces out there (and will be for a while).


If you're going to do an East Timor inspired load out then it's DPCU all the way, if not then either DPCU or DPDU are in use in Afghanistan and would be acceptable. The Peacekeeper is good, I was watching one on ebay and did consider getting it but I've already got one chest rig in DPCU and couldn't justify another. I've not really seen any pics of the M4 in use in Afghanistan, it has been used in East Timor though (I've reference pics if you're interested). Concerning the pack, I'm fond of the look of the MSM and definitely agree with getting it in khaki as this would work well not only with DPCU but DPDU or another camo scheme. You could even get away with a baseball cap in DPCU or tan as opposed to a bush/giggle hat.

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Check back one page for a M4 in Afganistan. The hard part will be getting the bomb dog.

:blush: Note to self: check out the pics in closer detail in future.


Just had a quick scan of my HD and although on closer inspection I've a few pics of M4s being used in Afghanistan, they don't appear to be as common a sight as the AUG.

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Well my loadout is based on SASR/4th Batallion RAR (Commando), and the photos i have on A´stan and Irak, they wear peacekeeper (i think i´ve got a couple of photos of SASR operator over a land rover with DPDU and the peacekeeper) and carry M4 (i´ve read somewhere that they´re using Bushmaster M4A3, but i don´t know, because some people say that is the C8SFW).


And how about the acog? I know that the most seing is the elcan but...


Thanks for your help.



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You need to get a SEAL or USMC kit if you want "80 US fora members telling you exactly how your kit is wrong, out of date or too chinasoft. Then a four page discussion on plate-carriers using more acronyms, initialisations and insults than a thousand 4chan threads'' :P


Fixed that for you there :D


Auscam is all about being cool in a subtle way... like being 'ally' in Brit kit.


Damn-skippy! I really wanna get some desert trousers in auscam.

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I need less FSBE fail in my loudout. Can anyone suggest replica gear, (webbing, OD plate carriers, whatever) that would work, and not break the bank? Preferably no more than $60-70USD?


The cheapest OD CIRAS I found was $90, plus $30 shipping from HK.

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I was looking more for the PLCE pouches.




But that's only one pouch.....I'd like a webstore where I can get like 4 of those pouches instead of hoping to find more on ebay over a few weeks time.


For the 6-point harnesses, how do they attached to the belt? Do you need a specific belt?


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Can't you just use malice clips? By PLCE I'm guessing you mean the UK webbing?


If it's US setup I've Plat A Tac pouches that hook on with alice clips. You can always email them with what your'e after, sometimes the old stuff doesn't wind up on a companies webstore but it's still for sale.

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