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I’m not entirely sure what the Aussies call them but I believe it is some sort of IR laser unit. My one is home made from two metal tubes, a bit of ris rail and one of those cheep laser pointers (with a remote switch). Look here for better photos of it.


Might not be the greatest replica but it will do till an airsoft manufacture makes a replica one I can buy. Which I highly doubt they will.


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'Johns world of camo' have DPDU uniforms for £80 for tops, and £80 for trousers. A couple of individuals have had DPDU for sale on other forums in the past, but i've no idea if they're still available. Obviously you're much more likely to pick up DPDU gear from aus, or buy the cordura at 'kitbag.au' and have someone make the gear for you (as i've done with DPCU).

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Cordura on kitbag: http://www.kitbag.com.au/category141_1.htm#176


Buy it, give it to a tactical tailor such as 'Bozzer' (on various airsoft forums) or www.fortisindustries.co.uk and they will make anything you need. Fortis are doing an entire pouch and platform set for me in DPCU.

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