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Some nice kit on this thread. I use a Platypus SAW vest as the pouches allow room for mucho pyro and fit aug mags well along with room for anything else you need to carry. It also has an internal pistol holster which comes in very handy. Wasn't the cheapest bit of kit as it is current Digger issue, but managed to pick it up after platypus advertised free delivery on their website.


Needless to say that free delivery is only in Australia now as stated on their website.

Must have cost them a forunte to send it over here . :D


Picked up my auscam from wellington surplus in Brisbane, but have since found this website;




Aussie Digger Militaria. The bloke who runs it is called Greg and he is a diamond. E-mail him if you can't see it and he can usually source it for you.


Related to this I also have a 2nd aif Papua loadout for ww2 game days and a custom made owen gun



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that's how I like my parcels(about 10 KG)



DPDU #6 in my collection if I counted correctly. :P not my size....but I only wanted the hat and the OBW(4) patch anyway :D

If my wife finds out I started buying uniforms just because of the patches I'm screwed!



Rucksack covers and shiny shoes for the poly dress




Polydress, although its not my size it was a real bargain (20 AUD)



Land 125 knee & ellbow pads


and as a bonus the seller added a distress maker



the boxes also contained an old skool webbing.


More to come next week....hopefully

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Sorry.. not the clearest IR shot. (shrugs)

Me crouched and ready.


Uploaded even though the image is not great quality, but to show that the DPU is still IR treated :D

(didn't get a shot of the boots though, and the JG AUG looks a nice dark colour in it - not a glowing bright white-ish colour at all)


A slightly better shot of the ensemble and the F88A2 :) Although I wish the photographer took better shots.

Ah well. Beggars and choosers. :)

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smoke what make of AUSCAM is that?


Fingertwister is quite correct. It's the Stalker cut from Baseline Supplies.


Unfortunately they can't ship them over the pond (according to their website), I would imagine it has something to do with legal issues with Crye? But that's a pure guess.


Either way, I can honestly say they are the best designed piece of kit I have ever seen. Although in all fairness, I have yet to drool over the Gen2 Crye stuff.



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Real nice Joshua:)


You've got the right idea. When wearing auscam you got to have bulky gear. Just the uniform and a small chest rigg or whatever won't do.


Now all that is needed is an Aug:) Or are you going for a SAS-ish look?


Cheers! :D


Not sure who they are, but I (loosely) based it on the guys going into Timor, like these:





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