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Not sure who they are, but I (loosely) based it on the guys going into Timor

Bugger... I think it was one of the RAR units. I don't recall which, though. 1RAR? 4RAR? I just don't see any unit patches/colours.

I think I heard 4th thrown around when these first came to light.

I've got them saved off on my HD as 4RAR, which was taken from the accompanying captions when they first appeared IIRC. Can post the other ones if people are interested?

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Nice uniform, but in my opinion, gear needs to be more "bulky".


I hear you mate. I know for the 'look', I need a lot more junk attached to me :D


Thing is, my local site doesn't run long games - I don't even need water, just mags really.... So I'm loath to bulk up and sacrifice speed and agility, just to look better ;)


Looking to get into longer, more indepth games. So I expect my rig to develop along with that.



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