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Mossberg 500 shotgun, 6 mm version by ACM

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Just in case you havent read the title carefully, this is the review on the 6 mm version. Most aspects are covered in Guinness' excellent guide on the 8 mm pimptastic version, wich can be found here: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...t=0&start=0


I will only begin with a small teaser, as Im really tired right now (think Im coming up with a flue), and Ill add more info as I get it tomorrow, along with pictures.


EDIT: apart from the pics, I dont think Ill have much more to say tomorrow, as I wont open this gun until I have trouble with it.

Anyway, if there's something else you want to know or feel I have forgotten in my review, post your questions and Ill try to answer them.


As I wont be able to edit my post tomorrow, this will be a bit unorganized, but as I said above: there arent many differences with the 8 mm version.


The Box:


The chinese manufacturers have learned that a nice packaging is a good start for any buyer and so you get a nice 2-part black box, with a big colour picture of a chrome version of the shottie (couldnt be bothered to print two versions, eh?).

The interior is a hard polisterene floor, with two plaques on top of the gun to protect it from upper hits.

The whole packing is sturdy enough to use it to carry your gun to the field and keep a nice appereance if you decide to sell it.


Along with the gun you get:

- loading/cleaning rod

- bag of "wouldnt use them, if I were you" BBs

- user instructions with a handy explosion diagram, in case you need to repair the gun

- bag of extra seals and O-rings: see above



Gun: externals and finishing:


The gun is rock solid: makes you want to be "the real deal" and hit people with the stock! (in my case, Id hit the cop who was caught by a security camera dumping a guy off of his wheelchair to search him. The guy was cuadraplegic, so he couldnt even sit up and the copS just didnt mind) see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdlRT6aC8to


Materials: the gun is all metal, except for the sights, stock and pump handle.

The gun has a very nice matte (lightly satinated) black finish to it. Remember the uneven, scratched finish on AGM's M14 or Karts EBR? Well, you wont find any of that on your M500: smooth, even, equal-shaded, no drops, no rinses, no fingerprints all over the gun: PERFECT.

Dont know how itll hold up in the long run, but I bet its durable.


Stock and forearm: plastic, but with a rubbery finish, perfect for that tacticool look you wont of this gun. Really comfy to hold.


The gun comes with sling attachment points, like the ones found on sniper rifles, but no sling swivels. Youll need to source some sling swivels or a sling with small carabiners.

No sling included, though: the chinese have been spoiling as for too llong, now we have to though things like these out.


Seamlines: almost unnoticed on the stock and forearm and stock, but too apparent on the rear of the top body and the trigger group. Its not too bad if you decide not to pay attention, but impossible to get rid of without repainting after sanding.


Other un-niceties:


1) Front sight: plastic and a huge seamline; take it of, sand, repaint, done.


2) A few screws and rods have not been painted, but left blank: will need to repaint them. Will sow on the pics.


3) Few dents on the stock, not too bad.


4) Almost no paint on the safety button.

All in all: youll be damn impressed with it, seriously. Best finish of all my clones (Ive had: A&K, JG, AGM and CYMA guns).



Loading and shooting; safety


Loading BBs up in this beauty is going to make you aim before shooting, as you dont wont to do this on the field, inmidts ogf the battle:


CAUTION: always have the safety on before loading.


1. Pull the forearm back and leave it there.


2. Turn the lever at the front of the cartridge tube.


3. Pull the tube inside the cartridge tube all the way out.


4. Turn the gun on its back: covered by the forerm when its forth, there is a small slot through wich youll see the three ammo tubes you just pulled out. The all have little slots to pour the BBs in. Once youve filled one, turn the ammo tubes till the next slot shows up. Repeat.

The gun takes the BBs from tube after tube: it empties one tube first, then takes from the next one.


5. Push the ammo tubes back into the cartridge tube and close lever.


6. Fill with gas. The gas valve is where you would push the cartridges in on the RS gun: right in front of the trigger guard.

Its a "silent" or "intelliegent" valve, BTW: youll have to listen hows its going in, as no gas will be lost in the process.

7. Rock the forearm forward and you are ready to shoot.


CAUTION: the gun maybe cocked now, so point in a safe direction and make a test triggerpull.


Shot sound: this was the most disappointing part, but I had already heard abou it: not much louder than a powerful GBB, just a bit more "hollow".


Weight, length and balance. Shouldering and aiming:


At 96 cms, this gun is not as short and manouverable as it looks on the pics: its not the best CQB gun out there.

It might be a lil' uncomfortable for the smaller guys.


Dont know bout the exact weight, but it feels almost like a full metal M4 RIS.


Its very easy to shoulder but the pumping might get you tired sooner than you think.


Aiming is really quick and easy, because the rear sigt ring is bigger than on a rifle, You dont have to aim that much with a shottie wich shoots 5 BBs at a time, so the choice of rear sight ring size is well thought.


Rear sight is adjustable on elevation, dont know bout windage (but hey, its a shotgun).

Both front and rear sights are removable, if you dont like them or want to throw on a heatshield with ghost sights.

You can also aquire a UTG rail to fit on a red dot. EOtechs (especially the 551, look great on it), Dont know if the rail will fit on this replica.




Action and performance:


Very easy: the safety is a sliding button on the rear top of the main body; you use it with the thumb of the shooting hand.

Once on un-safe position, rock the forearm (hence why they call it a "pump action" gun) and pull the trigger. The ejection port metal thingy moves when you pump the gun, wich is a nice touch.

Pump action is not as smooth as expected: definately easier than any spring action shottie, but not as easy as a Marushin (wich this gun is a clone of).

It doesnt make a very nice "clack" either, mor like: "screeach-cre-creack"; two times: backward pump and forward pump.


It shoots 5 Bbs a at a time.


FPS: havent been able to test this, but just for your reference: it shoots as far as an 330 FPS M4 with 0.20 BBS and as far as a 300 FPS M4 with 0.25 BBS. Skirmishable, but maybe not allowed everywhere: you must consider youll be hitting people with 5 BBs at a time.


Spread: About 5-6 feet with o.20 BBs and 2 with 0.25 BBS. Id recommend using 0.20 ammo in short range fields and 0.25 for long range scenarios.



Accesories: there are a few accesories in the airsoft world that should fit this gun (just search "500" on wgc's or Redwolf's site).

Apparently, you can use some RS accesories with minor adjustment; and there are loads of *beep* you can throw on:


optic rail: http://cgi.ebay.com/UTG-MOSSBERG-500-590-8...1QQcmdZViewItem

stocks and grips:




laser and flash light mounts:






Do I recommend the M500 by ACM?


You can bet your King Arms EBR conversion kit I do. Hell yeah!


- nice externals (really nice)

- solid built

- good performance

- coolnes factor is at least 9.3, on the Steven Seagal scale




- seamlines, a few

- not very smooth action

- akward to load BBs

- might be too long for the shorter player (almost one meter)


Please leave comments on review style, grammar and spelling and whatever you feel could be done better.

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5 bb's at once versus my marushin golfball launcher of pain which only shoots three at once...oh the temptation to have my pistol grip version i turned my marushin into and this one....

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Should have put this in the first post, but maybe people read this nonetheless:




I want a heatshield, an optics rail and some MOLLE shell holders for this beauty, but the shops I found this stuff at wont ship internationally.

Can someone in the US (Paypal account needed too) buy these 3 little things and ship them to me (Spain)?


Please PM me. Thanks!

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As said above, it can take RS stocks and grips with slight modifications. Dont know about forearms. Thats something for you americans to find out as its really easy and cheap for you to find those accesories.


It shure would be nice to get rid of the sights and put some wood on this beauty for a more classic look.

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Each ammo tube takes at least 65 BBs


3 x 65 = 250+


BBs 5 Bbs per shot = around 50 shots


Altough a few BBs seem to stay in the tubes, so lets say you get at least 45 shots before having to reload BBs (will have to test for gas consumption).

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My Marushin 6mm shotty (actual Marushin, not ACM) held 50 per tube x 3 tubes and shot 5 shots per firing. This yielded 10 shots per tube or 30 shots in total. I could easily fire off all 30 shots without running out of gas.


To be honest, when playing CQB and because the games were so fast paced, I would only use the capacity of one tube (10 shots) during the course of the game and then switch to my side arm. Having to fiddle with swapping tubes mid game was too much of a pain.


I'm getting a ACM one to compare to my Marushin original.



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Enter the pics:


Closed Box: note the "6 mm" is correct, but the picture isnt



Open box: note polisterene packing, seals and O-rings, BBs and 2 allen-keys

Instruction manual copied from Marushin) is also included



Gun itself



The only scratches I could find were on the charging handles



Right side of the body. Note the shinyness of the ejection port cover: its got an uneven shine to it and gets easily scratched and marked; but its OK I guess.

Also note the unpainted screws and rods.



The ejection port cover slides back when you pull back the forearm to load for a new shot, unveiling that screw, wich turns about 20º CW when you pull the forearm back, and gets back to its initial position when you pull the forearm forth.

Im not touching it until I am certain bout what it is for.



Sling swivel attachments: youll need sling swivels or a special sling.



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hey chas, any chance you could post some pics of the reloading system and all that jazz. im a tad confused as to exactly what it looks like.


oh, and congrats on getting one, im definitely going to have to pick on up at some point.

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To fill the BBS in, youll need to push in the lever (red part) and turn it CW.



Then pull the front of the cartdridge tube out. Note that the spring actioned ball has to be aligned with the groove when inserted back in.



Ammo tubes fully pulled out.



Hidden by the forearm when its in its forward position is a groove in the cartridge tube, through wich you can see the 3 rotating ammo tubes. They also have grooves to pour in the BBs, one after another. Each ammo tube holds at least 65 BBS, wich makes a total of 250 BBs. At 5 BBs per shot, you should get at least 50 shots out of this shotgun. We still dont know wether we can actually get that many shots with just one gas fill.

After you have filled the 3 ammo tubes, push the tubes back in, align the ball with the groove, close and pull back catch lever.

Pull the forearm forth and you are ready too shoot. THE GUN WILL MOST LIKELY BE COCKED NOW, SO BE CAREFUL.


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Action Lock Button: if its sticking out, it means the gun is cocked and ready to shoot. If its almost hidden, the gun is not cocked.

TRIGGER: I forgot to mention the trigger has a quite heavy pull, but a very short travel as you can see by its resting position.




Rear sight and safety. Note shiny screws. These can be unscrewed to take the whole sight assembly off; hopefully you can then fit on an optics rail.

Safety is actioned by that switch. It already came in that state. Easy and comfortable to use.



Front sight: plastic too and really aweful seamlines




Bottom of the body, and gas valve to fill in (with gas, duh!). Note the seam lines in the back part.


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Weird parts on the bottom of the stock. Dont know why the couldve done this in one-piece.




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This photo shows the tubes pulled as far out as it is possible without disassembling the gun.

In this position the slots on the outer cartridge tube and on the tubes are aligned, so you can feed in the BBs.



BTW: Ive been comparing the sounds of the M500 with that of an WE 1911 Tactical and, well there IS a huge difference. I guess i expected to much of an airsoft shotgun.


I will perform FPS (coke can) and grouping tests on tuesday, as I ran out of gas this morning.

The distance to the cardboard ill use as a target will only be 10-12 meters, but maybe you can draw some conclusions from it.

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Ive just done some meassuring and Ive discovered the RS optics rails will NOT fit without modification: the two holes on the shotgun receiver are too close to one another. Youd have to drill another hole into the rail and you'd also have to leave a gap for the screw's head to catch on. Not an easy job without the proper tools.

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This photo shows the tubes pulled as far out as it is possible without disassembling the gun.

In this position the slots on the outer cartridge tube and on the tubes are aligned, so you can feed in the BBs.


what i meant was how far (if at all) do you have to retract the tubes in order to rotate them when you run out in one tube.

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Oops, sorry: you dont have to pull them out, you turn them in the closed position.


That is definately a downside: I see many "blank shots" coming. You flank off 3 enemies, crawl up behind them, take aim, pull the trigger and.... PAFF! Loud sound, no BBs flying, have a nice trip to the respawn area.

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Some mod really got to re-organize my posts, please.


Haven given the charging ahndle some VERY generous shots of silicon spray, has gotten a lot better. NOt as smooth as it should, but very decent. Im gonna give the action an 8 out of 10 points now.

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