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Basic tanaka revolver cylinder disassembly

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I was asked how to do this but i couldn't explain it in words. So i decided to take some pictures on how to do it, but instead of just sending them to him i'll stick up this basic guide. Its nothing complex but if your like me you like to know what your doing and a small contingent of pictures is always helpful.


This is from a smython but i imagine the design will be very similar on the other models


Step 1, remove these 3 screws (Dont lose them or your ******)



Sometimes the plate will just pop off but sometimes it wont, if yours does not then carefully pry it off by putting a small flat headed screw driver through the gas fill hole and simply pry it off (dont press on the fill value, rotate the cylinder a bit first)



Step 2, With the plate off it should look like this. There is a small spring inside (which shouldn't eject itself), take this off and put it with your screws (dont lose this either) From here you can remove the fill in value by unscrewing it anti-clockwise with a flat headed screw driver



Step 3, i had no idea what to call these parts but basically this is disassembling the rest of the cylinder and separating the gas part from the revolving part ;) .

Grab the front bit with a pair of pliers while holding the 'L' shaped part and unscrew as in the picture, your need the pliers as the seal is quite hard at the start.



With everything disassembled it should look like this



To get to the last rubber 'o' ring you have to unscrew this part (anti-clockwise), inside you will find a thin rubber o ring and a spring. I dont want to take this apart as i dont want to damage the o ring, unscrew and pull it out slowly so you can see how it comes apart.



Next clean everything, re-silicone and replace anything damaged then re-assemble. All pretty easy to do


If you need any more help let me know and i'll help you if i can



Not responsible if you break anything and so on...

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Nice guide, wil be useful when I get myself a 29 Metal kit. Can you do one on how to remove the inner barrel aswell?l


I would but i dont own the revolver anymore :( If i remember right there is a small screw right above the barrel which you have to undo, and its a bit fiddly

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