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Spectrum Pyrotechnics 2008 Lineup

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Spectrum Pyrotechnics 2008 Line Up Review

Hi Arnies! My first major review on the boards here (my others can be found in the review database) so I hope its found to be of a decent standard. As the title indicates this review is for the new line of pyrotechnics from Spectrum bringing both new and familiar devices to the playing field. I’m not the only person to have trialled the new stuff due out but I believe this is the most extensive report on them to date. On with the review!


Firstly I would like to thank Paul for allowing me to test his products and also write a little about my involvement with the Spectrum brand.

Back in 2005 was when I first started skirmishing properly in terms of having my own gear and working with a group of friends as a team, it was also when I started taking an interest in using pyrotechnics in skirmishes (because which 17 year old doesn’t like stuff that goes bang right?).

In July 2005 I used a quantity of Spectrum brand pyrotechnics and was highly impressed compared to what I had used before (Enola Gaye at paintball). I also have experience of using the TLSFX brand of pyrotechnics (mostly ball grenades and thermobarics, which if I recall are actually copies of a Spectrum product that had been developed first but hadn’t seen widespread release.)

Now some time later Spectrum have revised old designs and introduced some new items and features which I consider a great advancement in airsoft/wargaming pyrotechnics. Below I have detailed the new features:

Friction Fit Striker Cap

Demonstration Video of FFSC

Current designs have glue on or tape on striker cap which while a certainly functional design is flawed in that you cannot replace the striker cap once removed. This means you have the potential to either set pyros off as exposed fuses and striker caps float about in your gear pouches, simply damage fuses, lose the striker cap and have no means to ignite your pyro or alternatively as has happened with all brands to use the glue on cap design; you rip the fuse and main charge out of the pyro casing (most common on fragmentation pea grenades).

The FFSC does not utilise glue or tape and fits very snugly onto the top of the unit, should you decide not to throw a pyro you can now simply replace the cap and put it back in a pouch. The caps can easily be pulled off and replaced by hand but will withstand being knocked about on placing into and removal from pouches, however it is important to grab any pyro with an FFSC by the body and not the cap, otherwise you will wind up with just a cap in your hand. For those that are overly concerned by this you can use a quick banding of electrical tape, perhaps after sufficient widespread use and feedback it might be a consideration to add a small dab of adhesive (similar to the type used when new bank cards arrive stuck to a letter in the post) to add a little bit more retention between grenade body and cap however at this point in time I can’t be 100% on how much it is needed though it might be worth looking into. As such I have already forwarded this information to Paul at Spectrum prior to posting this review.

Two Stage Burn Colour Fuse

Almost all pyrotechnics come with a 5-7 second fuse, although in every pyro safety brief we as airsofters will hear the words ‘Once you ignite a pyro discard it immediately’ we as airsofters know that we don’t exactly follow this to the letter and that sometimes to immediately throw a grenade allows the targets to disperse to a safe distance before detonation. The two stage fuse is a colour recognition way for airsofters to effectively ‘cook off’ a pyro as the fuse changes from green (faffing about time) to red (detonation imminent) in a much safer manner than counting off seconds as due to the way the fuses work (there is a typical burn rate for a given length of fuse giving you your fuse time) there are sometimes factors that mean a fuse can burn slightly faster or slower than you expect. However in the samples I was sent this feature appears to be absent as I only noticed a red tinge to the fuse flame across all the units however I have noticed other people who have used Spectrum pyros post about the ‘neatness’ of this idea.

Additionally, this two colour burn aids those on the receiving end in giving them a way of recognising whether they are in immediate danger (game wise) or have a few seconds to put some fire on a potential advance…or for the more ballsy/foolhardy of us (like me I suppose) throw the thing back. However I must also point out the only time I have ever physically returned a live pyro was when it landed against my arm and in front of my face as I was leaning against a foxhole wall, the reaction being more instinctive than intentional.

Casing and Unit Size Redesign

Those that remember the old 2005 era pyros will recall the Stun grenade and Mk3 smoke grenade we quite large and bulky, only 4 or so could be crammed into a general purpose pouch found on PLCE webbing and assault vests with two barely fitting into an ammo pouch designed to take up to three STANAG mags.

Now the 5 bang Mk.5 Stun grenade for example has been shortened by about an inch as well as having the diameter reduced without compromising the structural integrity of the grenade body, up to 5 can be placed into a utility pouch

The ball grenade has had a slight tweak in being modified for use with the friction fit cap and as such now has a stronger fuse stem that’s less prone to damage. Again, about 4-6 can be placed into a PLCE Utility/Water bottle sized pouch as shown below, the top image shows stuns/flash grenades in a utility pouch on a Highlander copy of the All Arms Assault Vest used by the British Army.


The smoke grenades have been redesigned as well in both appearance and function. Rather than a constant output for a certain time they now dump a large quantity of smoke into the air in a very short time for a rapid screen deployment reducing the time it takes for players to retreat or assault. The smokes come in Stun size and a size reminiscent of the old Spectrum Mk5 Thunderflash (thick tube variant seen around 2006) although slightly shorter in height, which is still small enough to fit in most forms of carriage pouch but isn’t so small that it is too light to fulfil its task as a pyrotechnic to be thrown some distance ahead of your personnel unlike the old style ‘stick’ Mk5 Thunderflash which was easily deflected by branches and lost its momentum very easily. The two models are shown below and are the ones that are written about later on. To reiterate, with everything bar the Mk5s as long as you have a good area to throw through and a good arm throw distances of 10m should be quite achievable, perhaps more if we account for the ball grenades bouncing along terrain.


Additionally, I am informed that all the grenades that are of the Stun size that you see throughout are designed to fit into M203 shell pouches, although not having any pouches to test this against they do seem to be dimensionally very similar to some Madbull shells I used to own. The other smoke grenade seen above looking like an older style Mk5 I find is about right size wise for carriage in PLCE ammo pouches.

As pictured below you can actually get quite a decent mix of stuff into the PLCE ammo pouch, I’m sure many would agree that for a regular skirmish what’s shown below is easily enough, well, except for the pyromanics but no doubt they’ll see how much you can cram into a ressie bag:


The top image shows three smokes, four Mk.5s and two crackle distracters, the lower shows four Mk.5 Thunderflashes, three crackle distracters and two ball grenades although I think a third may have fit if I tried. There was still space amongst the ball grenades for some more Mk.5s

Overall the redesigns I personally feel make the carriage of the various types of grenade much easier for the player in a multitude of combat gear, combined with the above features it also makes them much more practical for the skirmisher to use.

Individual Unit Review

Through this section I will describe the Spectrum pyros in terms of function and my opinion as a skirmisher. Pictures and function demonstration videos accompany each section (unfortunately as I don’t have access to a particular great camera and compression via youtube the quality isn’t as good as I had hoped but should give a good enough idea of what each unit is like), the videos were actually shot and commented on by a friend who although a skirmisher isn’t into pyros as much as I am so I hope it gives a more balanced view on the products than just my words alone here. It should be noted that the samples I am reviewing are production models, just without labels. This was due to Paul receiving negative feedback on the designs I would have received and I’ve been informed the new designs are essentially ready to go at the time of writing as are some units which are missing from my list ie dual vent screening smoke (note, although the smokes shown do vent from two ends, I don’t think they were designed to do this specifically). As such I will make a blanket statement for the grenades aesthetically speaking they are consistently professional looking in terms of colour but also construction and increasingly look the part as pseudo military items in a skirmish load out over previous Spectrum products. There is in fact a next stage from this that Paul has talked to me about but I’ll leave that to Paul to post about. One last thing, the ambient temperature on the test day was very low and wind speed was minimal yet the ground was fairly damp.

Anyway, onto the pyros!

Ball Grenade


The venerable pea flinging pyro of doom returns with a slight cosmetic change in adding the FFSC already mentioned (on the left), additionally the fuse stalk has been reinforced so that its only with real prying at it can you start to separate it from the casing which unlike on the old style grenade where it resembled a pineapple you could rip the whole fuse and charge out if you were a bit ape fisted with the item. I have seen this also happen with TLSFX ball grenades but as the strike cap is no longer structurally attached to the fuse there is no risk of fuse/body separation. Standard Mk.5 charge behind it all, Omni directional blast, good for all occasions and you can get about six of them in a utility pouch at a push. Consistent 6 second fuse time.

Demonstration Video

Mk.5 Thunderflash

Now a bit smaller than what we are used to the advantage comes in being able to carry many of what are basically the mainstay of airsoft pyros. A suprsingly sharp bang for such a small unit with a larger and improved strike head over previous incarnations. Perhaps better suited to urban room to room fighting than woodland due to the small size and relatively light weight, which would prove a challenge to the pyro’s flight in woodland. Consistent 6 second fuse time.

Demonstration Video

Three Bang Stun Grenade


Much smaller than its big brother the five bang stun this grenade emits a small smoke component for a few seconds before detonating three Mk5 charges at even intervals.

Much more CQB friendly than its 5 bang brother and you can carry more in a pouch. A good addition to the line up in my opinion as the 5 banger in enclosed spaces can be a little over the top. Overall the 3 bang stun grenades offers a happy medium for those that want something more substantial than a Mk.5 or even ball grenade but without needing M203 or large pouches to carry them in. Roughly a 6 second fuse and second apart detonations.

Please note in the video the reason we call it a ‘known unknown’ is that due to its size we figured it was either a Mk7, Mk9 or 3 bang stun (remember these were not labelled) but fortunately it turned out to be a three bang stun as any of the higher powered Thunderflashes might have made the crate you see me dropping the pyro into bigger.

Demonstration Video

Crackle Distractor



Available in two models as shown above these grenades have an interesting effect on detonation. They throw out a number of sound units that make crackles as the name suggests.

I quite like these as a product that brings something new to the table and would imagine they are equally good for use in both woodland and urban as assault grenades as it were, the crackles are not as loud as that of a Mk5 but the frequency of them certainly gives the pyro a more aggressive profile than its single bang brothers. I should point out that these are louder in person than they appear to be in the video but don't exceed Mk.5s in volume by a stretch.

Stun Sized Demonstration Video
Alternative Sized Demonstration Video

Flash Grenade

Operating in a similar way to the Thermobaric of TLSFX this is a near silent grenade that generates a bright flash ideal for causing momentary distraction in urban games, dense woodland and night games.

We found that perhaps due to the lighting and being outdoors the flash wasn’t as impressive as it might have been if we were testing indoors – unfortunately nowhere suitable was available at the time of testing .

I do have some negative feedback in that one of the units managed to pop itself out of the outer casing (possibly due to a too well glued on end cap) and that they seemed to cause a bit more scorching to the ground than whats normally associated with pyros so this may make them unsuitable for woodland skirmishing in the dryer months but as this grenade is obviously aimed more toward the CQB/Urban aspect of skirmishing it shouldn’t be a problem but I would recommend to Paul that measures are taken to reduce the likelihood of case separation occurring and if its possible to increase the brightness of the grenade without it becoming a fire hazard. Although it performed fine it came across as not quite being to the same standard as everything else in the range – though perhaps my view is slightly skewed due to the outdoor environment and being more used to things that go bang. One to watch and update upon in future.

Flash Sample 1 Demonstration Video
Flash Sample 2 Demonstration Video

Stun Grenade


A long time personal favourite that seems to have withstood the test of time and gained a smaller brother in the process (as detailed above). An ideal grenade for both woodland and urban is that it emits smoke for a few seconds before detonating its Mk.5 charges in sequence.

The way I see it in Urban it definitely does leave people stunned as it is the same as 5 Mk. 5s going into a room at the same time, in woodland gaming its more of an assault grenade to gets lots of detonations into a position in the most efficient (and devious) manner along with having a more intimidating effect than for example the crackle distracter if used in an urban environment, where the 5 bang stun might be seen as a bit over the top.

Unusually the first sample of the two I had failed, after giving it five minutes and nothing happening I decided to pull the grenade apart to find out what was happening, it turns out that there is in fact a secondary fuse set up within the grenade that was never ignited I think this is perhaps the second stun I have had fail on me in the 100 plus units I have used so we’re talking about something near than 1% failure rating in Stuns I have personally used. I have send a picture of the disassembled components to Paul so he can make judgement on this being a case of something truly at fault or one of those cases when you just get a dud given the nature of how these things are put together.

Stun Grenade Demonstration Video Edited by RSM
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Smoke Grenade Large and Small




In the sample pack I received two types of smoke grenade, one was larger than the other and was the same size as the Stun grenade, the other was similar to the older style Mk5 as picture above.


What’s noticeable with these compared to earlier incarnations of smoke grenade is that they are designed to actually burn for a short time but chuck out lots of smoke. For the stun sized grenade we reckoned that the smoke output was equivalent to that of a 90 second smoke and the smaller grenade that of a 60 second smoke but the actual time taken to throw all that smoke into the air was a fraction of the times mentioned. This reduces the time in which you could possibly have your opponents turn your own smoke screen on you.


I really was impressed with these as being a woodland player most the time the ability to get a smoke screen put up and put up fast and have it stay up is a major benefit, even with just two of the stun sized smokes I feel the screen offered would obscure a considerable area for some time.


Stun Sized Smoke Demonstration Video

Stun Size Smoke Demonstration Aftermath

Alternative Sized Smoke Grenade Demonstration Video






Overall I feel that Spectrum have indeed done themselves proud in terms of product innovation. I do not wish to come across as biased in anyway but while other manufacturer’s certainly supply the airsoft market they haven’t done much if anything to actually put anything new into it. This is one of the reasons why Spectrum remains at the top of my list for pyrotechnics. Through the units I tested only one of them failed, none suffered broken strikers, needed striking in a particular way lest I break the fuse tip off or set the thing off prematurely (have witnessed and had happen on me with Thermobarics a number of times) and all had consistent performance from detonation volume to fuse time.


The only real negatives with the products are the cap issues already mentioned and the fact that maybe the sizing of the Mk.5s won’t be to everybody’s suiting as well as the performance of the flash grenades (though I only half mean this due to the inability to thoroughly test the unit). However, this leads to another pro about the company. Paul watches these forums and does listen to feedback, if people chuck constructive criticism toward him he will accept it and do what he can about it. All that needs to be done now at the company end of things is for logistics to be sorted out and suppliers established. I hate to sound biased but I am sure the statement “Best airsoft pyro available, accept no substitutes” will be echoed by other users/testers of the products, Spectrum really does offer the highest quality pyrotechnics to the airsoft market and is set to take them to the next level in terms of performance and variety.


Furthermore, this review is essentially a part one for now. At the time of writing I was informed by Paul that there were some more units that would need trialling and all I can say to that is send ‘em on and I’ll review them.

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I actually can't say on the hot/cold issue, at least not 100% as I didn't pick them up as soon as they had finished generating smoke ( but on both units although fairly warm in the hand about two or three minutes after they were by no means hot enough to cause discomfort to bare skin. There is also of course the issue of the bit of flare you get off the fuse as with any pyro which I am sure you can see in the videos.

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I actually can't say on the hot/cold issue, at least not 100% as I didn't pick them up as soon as they had finished generating smoke ( but on both units although fairly warm in the hand about two or three minutes after they were by no means hot enough to cause discomfort to bare skin. There is also of course the issue of the bit of flare you get off the fuse as with any pyro which I am sure you can see in the videos.


We tried the sample pack out at our club today and I tested the temperature of the large double-vent smoke grenade two seconds after it stopped. It was barely warm at all :) The ground was a little scortch from the fuse.


I love the coloured fuses and the re-cappable striker system is great. I wish the ball frag grenades were a little heavier, another 10-20g of dried peas would do it. The large double-vent smoke grenade produced a fantastic cloud of smoke in no time at all. Just hope they develope a super-huge large double vent smoke :)


edit: forgot to say, the ball grenades; we used them a lot today and they were working with the coloured fuse system. I saw a grenade spiralling over my head towards the enemy and got a nice view just as it's fuse went from green to red :) We only had one grenade not go off but I think that was because it landed fuse down in a lot of sand.

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Thanks for the clarification Catman, just to check the large double vent is what I described as the stun sized smoke?


From the sounds of it at the time I talked to Paul last week they are actually finalising a larger double vent smoke grenade.


Also, from your comment in the other thread were you going to link to my review or write one? It'd be appreciated if you could also post your thoughts on the new stuff as well to show a wider opinion

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So far the youtube Spectrum videos look OK. From what I saw the large smoke looks pretty good althouhg just a bit of advice when next using the camera - it's best if the cameraman doesn't suddenly move in to get a close up shot of the smokes as that results in the viewer not getting a good enough all round view of the smokes effectiveness. Ideally he should have remained stationary, not touched anything on the camera (including leaving fingers off the zoom button) and let the camera capture everything from a reasonable distance to allow the viewer to get a better understanding of how much blanket cover it put out.


On that note, I didn't seem to recieve any sample pack. I can only assume he doesn't want me to test 'em. :unsure:

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Yeah that's the one :) Nah I'll post my comments in here, better to keep it all under one roof :)


I had the fuse fall off on me with the "large crack distractor" (Crackle Distractor). Not quite sure what happened but I lit the fuse and it dropped out the top. I was able to relight it with a lighter I carry just for pyros :) The flash grenade failed to go off properly for us though


Actually here's the video we took at the club today - It wasn't meant as any kinda of review, just demo'ing it all to the guys so we can sort out which ones we want to buy :D



Oh the ball grenades (our primary interest) are brilliant, I can't say how impressed we are with them. Here's a pic of one with a heavy dent in it, the seam hasn't split and it's stayed totally intact (I removed the tape to check the seam)



Yeah the large stun sized grenades go nicely into 40mm/M203 pouches:



Next to a TLSFX grenade:


You gotta love the re-cappable cap


I took one apart...because I like to take things apart:



I took the TLSFX one apart too :P



I took me some serious hacking with a knife to get the spectrum one apart, the TLSFX one wasn't very difficult and once I'd gotten the knife into the seam it split apart with relative ease. The TLSFX one has a bigger charge but delivered about the same performance as the Spectrum one...which booms were more 'bassy'.


The TLSFX one has some real fuse issues, having gone through 100 at the club (and 25 personally) we found the fuse to be about 10-20 seconds and in some rare cases longer. I've thrown at least 5 of them, waited and waited, went "oh it's a dud" only to get a boom a few seconds after that. The Spectrum ones have a much shorter fuse and are so much better for skirmishing, your opponent doesn't hear you spark up a grenade and have time to run well away.


Marks out of 10: 9/10

As I said earlier they need to be a tad more heavy for long range grenade throwing :) They went down with the club members who went rather pyro mad the whole day. I had about 8 grenades land near me in one game (it's a sign of affection I'm sure).



edit: I'll post my thoughts on the rest tomorrow, I need my bed :P

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Thanks for the additional comments...interesting thing from your video there is what you show as Mk3s look like the Mk5s I got. Maybe they are offered in different sizes but the small things I had definately were Mk5 in volume...which was a bit of a surprise when I tested one in my back garden before doing the major testing.



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So far the youtube Spectrum videos look OK. From what I saw the large smoke looks pretty good althouhg just a bit of advice when next using the camera - it's best if the cameraman doesn't suddenly move in to get a close up shot of the smokes as that results in the viewer not getting a good enough all round view of the smokes effectiveness. Ideally he should have remained stationary, not touched anything on the camera (including leaving fingers off the zoom button) and let the camera capture everything from a reasonable distance to allow the viewer to get a better understanding of how much blanket cover it put out.


On that note, I didn't seem to recieve any sample pack. I can only assume he doesn't want me to test 'em. :unsure:


Moving in wasn't the problem - as you can see, I panned the camera to show the quality of the smokescreen. What I did wrong was record such a short video for a smoke grenade. I shot the aftermath video having realised that I'd not shown how thickly the smoke lingered and how it dispersed.



Edited by Druadan
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Yeah the bigger thunderflash was definitely the louder of the two for us.



Here's the sample pack I got with my order. I'm told the labels are still being printed up so I got an email telling me which were which:


from right to left in the photo

2x grey capped 31mm dia. 3 shot stun grenade

2x 42mm dia 5 shot stun grenades

2x grey capped MK5 Thunderflashes

2x 42mm dia large crack distractor (flash distractor with a little surprise up its sleeve)

2x 31mm dia double vent high output smoke as per you tube footage

5x MK3 Thunderflashes

1x 31mm dia Flash distractor

1x 42mm dia double vent high output smoke


I'm also told that the 3 & 5shot stun grenades have since had their timing delays speeded up


I would really like to see an even bigger smoke grenade but the "Large Double vent" was extremely impressive, something the size of the standard military smoke grenades I can see producing a massive and impressive smoke screen :)


I weighed them all up before testing on Sunday:


Frag grenade weight (I weighed up 7): 86g,92g,77g,68g, 84g, 82g, 82g, 73g

TLSFX weight (only had the one left to test so this could be quite wild): 94g

Large Double vent smoke, high output: 117.3g

Double vent smoke: 82.8g

5 Shot stun: 85g

3 shot stun: 44.9g

Large Crack distractor: 77.2g

Flash distractor: 60.1g

Mk3 thunderflash: 14g

Mk5 thunderflash: 39.9g


Things need to be a good 75g+ to be thrown around our site but we do have some "building" areas were combat gets really close. The lighter pyros will really come into their own in these CQB environments. The Mk3 would be perfect for room entry.


I know which brand I want to buy in the future :)

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Hmm, maybe thats why I didn't get owt as I had explicitly said I would only test something providing that the exact same one's I'd get would be the one's the retailers would sell, which included having labels on. Might be considered a moot point to some but not to me.


Edit: Catman - Choosing goods out of a shopping bag. Classic!


That large smoke you tested, that looked impressive.

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Looking over the videos of the products, and comparing them to the previous Spectrum range (I have not been skirmishing in almost a year and a bit now) they do seem to be greater in variation and effect for the most part. The fifth bang on the stuns certainly sound fun, compared to the four bang as before, while the three offers good CQB.


One thing I might suggest if product reviewing is to become more used in future is perhaps a wide or rifle microphone. They cost very little, and allow true sound to be heard from one direction only, a definite bonus in a windy park.


Otherwise, a nice comparison of them all.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

I just received some further samples this time fully labelled up, at first I thought these were water transfers or printed right onto the casing. They are actually stickers and I personally think they are spot on, the colour match between the sticker and casing is almost indiscernable (I work at a Dulux trade centre so colour matching is something I do on a frequent basis), and even if the cases were all the same colour theres no trouble reading the text quickly to let you know what you are holding, a problem I encountered when I asked for a smoke and got handed a black TLSFX 90 second smoke which I had to spend a few seconds identifying what it was as to all intents and purposes it was a thermobaric. This was probably down to the fact it was labelled 1.5 Minute smoke which threw me off when I saw a black casing and numbers, I what a pyro chucks out, not necessarily how long for when I'm getting shot at.


Anyway, from left to right we have the crack distractor, large smoke (look up thread for the other size which has a slightly lower output), the flash distractor, three bang stun grenade identified by the circled three (the 5 bang variant has a circiled 5), the venerable Mk.5 and its smaller brother the Mk.3




The ball grenades have no such stickers but seeing as there are generally only the Spectrum and TLSFX ones on the market I don't think its necessary.


Without wishing to sound biased aesthetically speaking I find these labels and the presentation of the articles more pleasing than that of TLSFX and the non intrusive labelling just makes the product line seem to stand out from the competition. By that I mean I always found the simple white label with Word font-esque TLSFX labels just lacking a certain something.


Overall I'm impressed and just want to know when these will be ready off the shelf at retailers

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Having been a previous happy customer with Spectrum, I called him earlier this week and he also sent me a sample pack, the contents varied slightly to what the above guys have received but am in agreement that the finished articles look very professional and smart.


I hope to test them this weekend, and hopefully I'll be able to video them aswell.

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Awesome, I feel I've perhaps let the side down a bit with the videos, although they do give you an idea of the performance from fuse consistency to a rough idea of volume I am a bit narked at the compression quality youtube gives but then I was using a digicam with video function not an outright video camera - its a shame my uni won't let us take the P2 cameras out over Easter, I could film in and export in 1080p using those things and a Mac!


Out of interest what stuff are you testing Ego?

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ah cool the labelling looks great!


I hear that they're developing a 44mm diameter 90second smoke grenade! Sounds extremely promising if it's anything like the current ones. My only concern is when will we see coloured smoke? As we can't use white/grey,black or any distress colours at our site and so far the spectrum smokes are only available in white :( I'm hoping they address this soon as practically everyone at our site is wanting to buy their smoke grenades :o


No worries RSM your video's are cool, I find the biggest issue is actually the sound; it's hard to convey the volume and impact of the bangs

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