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CA SLR-105 Compact Steel Version


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CA SLR-105 Compact Steel




The CA SLR-105 Compact was the first of the AK class gun I bought.


There was much debate over whether to get a CA SLR-105 Compact, G&G RK 104, or VFC AKS74UN. After asking around, I decided to go with the CA SLR-105 Compact. I am very glad I went with that decision. However, the G&G RK 104 is considered a great gun, same with the VFC AKS74UN. I have shot each of those rifles and was pleased by their great performance and feel.


The CA SLR-105 Compact Steel was a great buy. I purchased it at AEX in Torrance, a great retailer that provides a lot of information and help. Thank you guys for all the help once again! It was priced at $359.99 before tax, which is a great price.




Ok so now about the gun.


Some quick important details:

- High Quality Wooden Handguard and Stock

- Reinforced Internals

- 7mm Metal Bearing Gear Box

- Steel Metal Frame

- Steel Metal Flash Hider

- Real Gun Logo and Serial Number

- Metal Scope Rail

- Large Battery Type

- Weighs 3400.0 grams

- 364mm Barrel Length

- Semi and Fully auto capabilities

- Comes with a black 500 round Hi-cap magazine


Appearance and Feel: 4.5 out of 5


The SLR-105 Compact feels great when shouldered. The wood quality is nice. It is not cheap thin wood. It is hard and has a great finish. The steel is great quality. Overall, the real wood and steel build makes a pretty heavy gun. The rifle is just heavy enough to make the it feel real. The ruggedness and solidity makes me feel like it can withstand anything. In my opinion, a few skirmishes to wear out the gun would make it look even better!


Performance: 4 out of 5


The performance of this rifle was anything but disappointing.


The fully adjustable Hop-Up and adjustable rear sight makes this a very accurate stock rifle.

- Accurate up to 120 feet without wind.

- Adjusting the hop-up can push it farther of course

- Even with the shorter barrel, it is still accurate


The ROF is definitely amazing.

- With an 8.4v 1800mah battery, it pushes 16 shots per second

- I would not suggest a 9.6v battery for the stock rifle, it is just fast enough without one

- I am very content with the amount of shots it can shoot without running out of battery

- I shot at least 5 to 6 mags of 500 round hi-caps before runnning out, very suprising


The FPS is decent.

- Chronoing at AEX ranged in order from lowest to highest 307, 311, 319, 325, and 331

- The range of fps is not that consistent, but it has not been lower or high than that


Overall Conclusion



- Wooden handguard and stock

- All steel construction

- Decent ROF and FPS



- A little quiet in my taste. I think AK's should be loud hehe.


In the end, the decent FPS and great ROF make this gun great internally for a stock rifle. The wide range of external and internal pimpage shocks me. The wooden stock and handguard make this a definite buy if you are considering buying any AK class rifle. For its price, I would not have gone any other way. I regret nothing in buying this gun.

Rating: 5 out of 5!!!


I would be glad to answer any questions so ask away if you have any! Thanks for reading!


Here are some more pictures to enjoy.









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I know several guys who have this. Very solid. One survived a barrel first, pulled hamstring induced, fall into hard ground.


haha thats a great example of how tough it really is.


and as for the quality of the material used, you would have to hold it to understand its solidity. Props to CA for making a quality gun!

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After a few some major airsoft skirmishes, I have enough information to do this field report.


I have skirmished this rifle in a variety of CQC battles and mid range combat situations. And I have to conclude that this is truly an amazing rifle. Still, not upgraded, the stock internals did not fail me.


Mid Range:


The accuracy was very pleasing, hitting targets from 120 to 130 feet. The hop-up is not choice, but it still performs. The FPS for a stock gun is great, but I am definitely going to upgrade it. After playing with the guys at AEX, I concluded that i need a stronger spring hehe.




The gun is pretty decent for CQC. It is the one of shorter versions of the AK series by Classic Army. It is great in turning corners in tight areas, like specifically the "zipper" in APOC and the "tunnels" and "maze" in Forbidden City at HSP. It is compact enough for close quarters and long enough for mid range assault.




The ROF (around 15 shots per second) is not bad at all, but definitely not the fastest.

FPS is decent (320fps)

But what I do like is the battery usage. I plugged in an 8.4v 1800mah battery and it lasted me the whole day at the AEX sponsored game at HSP. I ran through about 2800 shots and it still has juice.






There's a pic for all of you to enjoy! Thanks for reading!


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