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Team advertising forum?

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Hey guys, firstly, thanks for all the work you've done and are still doing maintaining and improving the site :)


And my suggestion is as the title reads, would it be possible to have a forum where teams can advertise for new members and/or people can post something along the lines of, 'Am looking for a team based on blah blah loadouts in blah blah area.


Partially because I am personally after a team, but I thought it would be a good idea for others looking for a team and newly (or not) established teams looking for members.



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I'm already in a team and I reckon this would be a great idea to recruit new people, because tbh, they probably don't want to trawl through all the team threads to find one which is close to them. It will make it much easier for teams to recruit as well methinks, because then the teams can see who lives near to them as well.


Edit: Also might be worth subdividing the thread into south-east, sw etc

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