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[?] Reinforced Trigger Mech - APS-2


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I have a question. I cant scavange alot up on these to products. I have gotten a little information from searching other forums and googling it to get some results but it isnt enough to sway me one way or the other.


So I ask the Sniper Haven community this:


Laylax Zero Trigger OR King Arms Lightweight Trigger?

Zero Trigger - $130-$160 USD

Lightweight Trigger - $99 USD


I found out that the the Zero Trigger is a full steel trigger housing with full steel sears and a lighter trigger pull. Its made from 550fps+.

I found out that the Lightweight trigger is a full steel housing with aluminum sears with a lighter trigger pull. Made for about a 525fps MAX.


I currently have $130 USD. I have had my stock trigger in for some time now and only recently has been giving me problems with missfiring. I checked my sears and theres nothing wrong besides some griding on my spring guide stopper but that would give me my current problem. Now I have the money for the Zero Trigger but not the shipping. I lost my job so I dont have any alternatives to making cash right now because of school and the like.


I ask you instead of the general airsoft public because you have had experiences with this ect. I want the Zero Trigger but if the Lightweight Trigger gives me the same performance for a cheaper price then I will be ok. If it performs well over and extended period of time I have no problem purchasing the Laylax steel sears to replace the King Arms aluminum sears. I know in the longrun I should probably wait to get those extra 30$ to purchase the Zero Trigger but I though I could ask the community before making a firm decision.


Any additional information will be helpful along with your personal opinions.



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A online thread that compaired the 3 most popular reinforce mechanisms. The Zero Trigger, The Leightweight, and the K2 Trigger. It say the KA had the compositions of Copper, Steel, and Aluminum. It was there suspection tho so if you know for sure that would be nice to know. Thanks



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Copper, steel and aluminum is indeed what it says on the packaging. Hong Kong companies don't seem to know what copper is... The yellow metal bits in this trigger system are brass, not copper. I couldn't find any hint towards copper parts in this kit.


The sears reacted strongly to a magnet: Aluminum they are not. Of course it is possible that it's a metal alloy with iron powder mixed in (explains the reaction to a magnet), but personally I'd trust the King Arms trigger unit with anything that the First Zero Trigger can handle.


The reason it's cheaper is because KA copied the design instead of putting their own effort into it, and it's manufactured in a country where labor is cheaper than in Japan.



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Thanks Sale, I got a Mauser SR Pro Tactical from Begadi (I wrote a review in the Readers Review section about it) and I am going to upgrade it for sure in the near future.



The only problem I can see is that WGC and Uncompany both have the King Arms unit out of stock. And the FF Zero trigger costs 50% more!


I guess we will just have to wait and see.



Atm on my list is:

Zero trigger/Light weight trigger

3-element piston, Piston cup ( dont know which is better - KM or Laylax)

Metal spring guide

M150 laylax spring for APS-2

KM Heat tightbore for Type 96


I do not see the need to replace the original cylinder or cylinder head ( basically the same things as you get in Warrior 1)



Any toughts?



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I'm not familiar with the clone sniper rifles, so I can't say anything about compatibility with them. Personally I rate KM Head generally higher or at least equal with Laylax, but I'd always look first if PDI has the part I need.

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