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CADPAT Picture Thread

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Please people, I want to see some CADPAT other than the Wannabe pics (which Im going to post now as not to be spam ;))





There's already a Marine thread though....so MARPAT may not really be a necessary thing...


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Yeah, I think the title should be changed to CADPAT pics cause there already is an ACU pic thread and a Marine/MARPAT pic thread(s).


CADPAT is a really great pattern, but I think Danish M84 is still a little better.




EDIT: somewhere, someone mentioned them getting a CADPAT Weestatch. Where would one find such a thing?

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Once upon a time (2 years back) I had a private collection of CADPAT...



Custom made 64 pack, pads and A7A straps. Also had a CPGear Valice to top it off.



CPGear chest rig, modified with a TT X-harness.



ICE and LTWT CADPAT jackets (LTWT has modified arm pockets).


Going for BMQ this year so my CADPAT will be teeming once again.

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Woah Lerch where'd you source all that?!

I want your chest rig BAD!!! :)


Oh and Duster that isn't me, it's from Wannabe.co.uk


Crunchy Bunny: It was me, I found one here:


They have both Arid and Temp CADPAT

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Yeah, CPGear has moved to high speed kit for soldiers now. A few years back they offered a modular chest rig with 2" shoulder straps...which is what my rig was. Discontinued since then :P


Same thing for the 64 Pack, made by a guy in Ontario who doesn't make anymore...

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Well ironicly ive had it over two years and never really used it as chest rigs arnt really my thing, but I recently got hold of a cadpat lightweight frag vest (wheelers again I believe) that the chest rig sits perfectly over and i've descovered just how awsome a rig it really is.


It fits anything and everything I need but even when its fully loaded it isnt to bulky and restrictive.


I'll definitly be using it more more often.

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Alright so, I've been looking around at some CADPAT stuff and i got a couple questions:


As far as load bearing gear, what would be better, the CPGear Modular Combat Belt or the CPGear KISS Rig? I want to keep the cost down as much as possible but still get some decent gear.



What would be better BDU wise, the CPGear BDU's or the DS Tactical "Custom" BDU's?


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CADPAT is titties pink!


My Canadian stuff:





















I still want to source some issue body armor, helmet, smock, and a nice pack.


I was training recently and there was a Canadian unit training at the same area, I was surprised at how badly the CADPAT seems to wear ovewr time. There was alot of faded uniforms, Trousers lighter than blouse's and vice versa. The Canadians were good guys though really nice and willing to share info. I saw a wicked cool jeep the canadians have now...it is bad @ss.

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nuclear_darkness Where is the HESCO barriers at? Very IRAQ FOB...I hate those things...lol. Nice kit especially the Temperate and Arid combo.


Also do any of you CADPAT guys know what kind of helmet the Canadians are useing and where I can get one of those net things they use on their helmet?

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