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CADPAT Picture Thread

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Haven't seen it in hand yet, but the email stated that issue should start this summer (so I'm betting next winter in reality..).


Personally I'm looking forward to it, the listed features are going to be very nice for the field. Flat chest pockets, a mandarin collar and arm pockets for the shirt. The trousers don't really hold too much aside from the kneepad sleeve and bungee drawstring...


There's also the under-armour shirt (similar to the British UBACS as far as I can tell), the new modular rig (the two trial rigs are the TT MAV and SORD Chest Rig) and we're finally switching to brown boots :)

In all my wisdom, forsee by 2015 all of this new kit will be in...

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First bits arrived today for my jtf-2 kit.




Will be replacing the fabric maple with an IR, and losing the callsign entirely.


A coyote 6094b would be more accurate than my MC 6094b I think and would go with aridpat pouches better so will be swapping that out.


If anyone's got some tan genuine CP gen 2/3 combat pants in 34l they want to trade for the same in multicam, drop me a shout.

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B***er ! You had to put that pic up I was loosing my interest in arid cadpat quite nicely , now it's flaired up again , I'm thinking I 'need' some in my life !

Where is sir getting his cadpat from if I mite be so bold as to ask ? I've seen it on flektarn , but not many other places .

Cheers Druid .

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Pardon the absolutely atrocious webcam pics (and my ever present unintentional trout pout), hoping to get some better snaps of the gear on sunday.


JTF gear taking shape.




War face :P




Still to add: IR maple leaf instead of the fabric on the left shoulder, Ops core (painted arid cadpat), LBT 50oz hydro, 226 and bladetech holster.

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Underarmour tactical beanie.

Peltor Comtac 1s.

Peltor PTT.

Heroshark mesh glasses.




LBT 6094b with triple mag insert.

Paraclete triple 9mm pouch.

Pantac double smoke grenade pouch (swapping these out with tactical tailor multicam pouches this week).


Shirt: CPgear custom OTW arid cadpat shirt.


Trousers: Crye gen 2 custom cut combat pants.


Boots: Merrel Moabs.


Gloves: Nomex flight gloves.


Apart from the devil's brigade patch and the maple leaf, the patches are team things and not part of the loadout.

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The stuff they have is naff though.



It's thinner than a set of pyjamas.



Yeah, seriously.

Just got myself a set from them, it's utterly awfull quality, appalling sized too. Fortunately, my mother in law is Canadian air force and has sourced me a full set of the real deal.


In summary, the Flecktarn uk guys should be ashamed for selling this .

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