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loadout picture thread

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I was wondering if a loadout picture thread could be made. The idea of this picture thread is to have a picture of all the equipment showing everything needed to "pull off" a particular loadout. for example a current US marine or maybe a modern russian infantryman or even a SAS member. The loadout could be either worn or possibly laid out on the floor.

A guide to where to buy the uniforms and equipment could be added as well making it easier to find the bits to complete your loadout.


maybe locking the thread to just pictures with another thread for comments would be helpful and hopefully stop the thread being cluttered with comments about the pictures.


what do you think?

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I think for the Geardo side to Airsoft such a thread should be created. However, it should be limited to one post only - I.e. no comments.


The person posts some pics of their authentic loadout, and some pictures of what its based on and a full Kitlist. + Anything else that they feel they need to add :)


If someone has a comments, another twin thread could be made from purely comments.


The important thing would be that the thread doesnt get filled with spam ;)


Purely pictures and info on the loadout at hand.


The current pic of your gear/ loadout thread is ok... But no one seems to post there kit lists, which then leads to people asking for the lists, which in truth leads to un desired posts -_-

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Thr trouble is: who judges what is and what isn't an authentic load out? Someone might post a modern Navy SEAL loadout that isn't 100% accurate and the SEAL geardoes would have to go nuts and comment all about it. I think we'd have to recruit people like LORD SEX and Titleist, etc to post their specific load-outs...

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OK, but in their post title they could refer to their loadout as either Based on so and so loadout or, this is My Interpretation of this loadout.


I mean as long as it kind of looks like the loadout at hand.


I.e. Someone reenacts a Green side British Solder from the 80's - If they are wearing a Brand spanking new Coyote Molle vest and Flecktarn combats.... Then, yes, that's the kind of post that should be discouraged :P - But that's common seance and obvious ^_^


By the way, Lord Sex's Navy Seal loadout is excellent! But it is far from accurate :P - He uses a Eagle Land CIRAS. NO Navy Seals use them, atleast not on record lol :P

But that's what he feels comfy wearing, so it is his interpretation. If when someone posts, if they post a picture that they based their loadout on, then atleast they can mention the differences for what ever reason, comfort, costs, looks etc :)


I suppose comments can be allowed, but they can seriously clutter threads :( - If we had an adjoining comment thread, where perhaps people could quote the pics from the original and then make comments, then fine :) - But spamming the actual pic thread would be a shame - JMO anyway :(


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Its fine to pm him, its fine to ask in the thread, and its fine for the OP to then post his list after :P


But why cant a poster just post his kit list in the first place? And save the after process?


I think having a dedicated Geardo orientated thread would be a good idea though :) People can there for refer to these loadouts, as well as the real ones and get idea's - Find out which pouch's have been used etc, for their own needs. It should in theory eliminate discussion :P (Even though this is a forum :rolleyes: ) But likewise, if a viewer has a query, then he could just as easily pm the OP.


Furthermore to add to my point. We have a review database type system/ and a review dedicated forum.... Surely a Picture thread along the same lines, could work?


I mean, if the Geardo's were given their own forum, perhaps with-in "The Game" or "Gear" Forum, a dedicated area, where we can create our own threads for each of our loadouts, which could then be discussed. Leaving an easy to find thread (Instead of having to sift through thousands of posts :P ) for the future. Thus creating a mini review on our own kit? :unsure:

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If you see a loadout you like in one of the picture threads, how hard is it to PM the poster for a kitlist? Just a thought in the short term at least.

I did ask for people to post kitlists in the 'Pics of your Loadout' thread, but that lasted about 1 page <_<.



Well if someone makes a guide and PM's it to me I'll start a locked thread with a seperate comments one.


A 'Geardo' section is not needed, it'd just be an elitest gear section.

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