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Since I seem to be giving the same information out over and over again, I figured that it would be a good idea to put the information in one place where everyone could find it. In theory.


(Mods, if this is in the wrong section, please move it, but I thought this was the best place)


Where can I find a parts list for the Marui AUG?


I have heard the AUG has a weak foregrip, is this true?

Well, yes and no. The TM version of the AUG has a metal pin as part of the foregrip - this is made from the infamous Marui Monkey Metal and can be broken quite easily if abused. Then again, it's fine for normal use. The other versions of the AUG are slightly better, but still not great. In short, as long as you're sensible with it, you won't have a problem. Don't carry the rifle by the foregrip. Keep it folded up as much as possible to lessen the chances of it being damaged. Don't fold the foregrip down and forget about it when diving behind a barricade/wall/tree/whatever. Don't use the foregrip as a step to reach greater heights(!) and so on.

I have broken my foregrip, what can I do?

You can get a steel foregrip pin made by Guarder, from a variety of online airsoft suppliers. I've linked to UNCompany as they seem to have them instock at the time of writing. Then it's simply a matter of taking the foregrip apart and splitting the two halves of the plastic shell, taking the MMM pin out and putting the steel one in. I recommend using two-part epoxy to glue it back together - but be sure you're happy with the placement, etc, as you're never getting it apart again.

I've heard bad things about the stock hop-up units, do I need to do anything?

The stock hop-up units are fine, unless you're going to be taking the barrel section off and replacing it a lot. Maybe you have multiple barrel options and swap them between games, perhaps you store your AUG in sections to save space or make it less "gun shaped," whatever the reason, constant removal and replacement of the barrel section can damage the hop-up unit, which is stuck onto the end of the barrel. When out of the rifle, the hop-up unit is exposed and can easily be damaged by being knocked against something. Also, repeated removal and refitting will cause the plastic adjustment rings on the end to crack where they meet the metal face of the gearbox.

These problems are easily solved by fitting a metal hop-up unit. The one linked-to here is the one I use and recommend, as it has metal rings. The G&P one has plastic rings, so doesn't solve the problem of cracked rings caused by repeatedly removing and refitted the barrel section. Get the PDC one. Again, UNCompany seem to have it instock at the time of writing.

I've been having a lot of misfeeds and feed problems lately, any idea why?

Magazine changes warp the plastic feed nozzle, causing misfeeds and stoppages. Replacing it with a metal one solves this problem, but causes fitting magazines to be a lot more difficult as the metal nozzle is slightly wider than the plastic one. In this case, though, the metal nozzle "damages" the tops of the magazines, carving off slivers of plastic until they're a precise fit. Which makes the mags feed badly in an AUG with a plastic nozzle, but like a dream in YOUR metal-nozzled AUG, so who cares?

Note that the 'Iban Speed Nipple' shown in the link does NOT fit the CA AUG. I don't know if it fits others, but it definitely doesn't fit the CA, and definitely DOES fit the TM.

However, you can fit the metal nozzle to a Marui part ST20 and then replace the corresponding part in your CA AUG with the Marui one with the metal nozzle. If you can find a Marui part ST20. Try asking FarEast on these forums.

I want to fit a new inner barrel to my AUG, what length do I need?

The lengths of inner barrels for the various AUG versions are as follows:

H-Bar: 650mm (PSG1+)

Standard: 509mm (AUG/M16)

"A3esque" (Action RAS kit) 500mm (M14)

Short barrel (aka Police Carbine): 455mm (AK47)

Para/Commando: 363mm (M4)

9mm Kit: 363mm (M4)

I want to turn my AUG into a support weapon, is there a kit available for this?

Yes. The AUG H-Bar (Heavy Barrel) kit is available from Boom Arms, in Hong Kong, and is the only accurate replica of the H-Bar barrel, bipod and flash excluder on the market, to my knowledge. Find it here. In addition to the kit, you will need a 650mm inner barrel (anything shorter will float around inside the outer barrel and prevent BBs getting out through the muzzle. This is *NOT* good! You can find my review of the kit along with an attempt at a how-to guide here.

I want to fit an M203 to my AUG, can I do this?

Yes. You will need an adaptor. There are a couple of options for this: GB-Tech and King Arms. The GB-Tech one comes with the "birdcage" style flash excluder. The King Arms one has 20mm RIS rails on the side for fitting lasers, tac-lights, etc. Both come with a reinforced outer barrel to the replace the stock one, which is not strong enough to support the weight of the M203. I used the King Arms one, and a G&P M203. This wasn't a good plan, as the G&P launcher doesn't have the screw holes in the right places for the adaptor, which is designed for the Sun Project launcher, so I had to drill and tap (create screw thread) my own holes to mount the launcher. It wasn't that difficult, but that's because I had a tap and die set available. If you don't, then you'll have problems. Make sure you get a launcher that is suitable, or get someone to fit it for you, if you think you're not up to it.

Top complete the look, I removed the RIS rail from the left side of the adaptor and fitted a replica of the red-dot M203 sight (available here - it's upside down in the picture) and got a short length of rail cover for the right side, cutting a section out to accommodate the AUG's gas plug.

You can see my AUG M203 here: Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3

I want a shorter barrel for my AUG, where can I get one?

Evike.com are the only people I know of that carry the correct outer barrels and flash excluders for the short AUG. They also have the "birdcage" flash excluder, standard A1 style flash excluder and replacement outer barrels, all in steel. Links below:

Para/Commando barrel set, Short AUG kit, Standard length reinforced outer barrel, Short AUG barrel ("Police Carbine"), Steel birdcage flash excluder, Steel A1-style flash excluder, Para/Commando flash excluder, Barrel adaptor (to fit silencer or Para/Commando flash excluder)

I want a 9mm Conversion Kit, where can I get one?

Ask Donut on these forums, he has made the most accurate 9mm AUG I've ever seen, including the magazine adaptor to take 9mm magazines.


That's all I've got time for now - I'll try to come up with more later. In the meantime, if you've got any questions you need answering, post them below and I'll see what I can do.


Hope the information above helps some people out.

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To contribute:


My AUG has been slowly loosing power over time, I have replaced the hop and the nozzle and it isn't the spring. WTF is going on?


Could be that your gearbox is wandering rearwards, check that the gearbox retention plate is properly in position, if it is, try sticking a couple of shims (paper, cardboard or tape) between the plate and the back and the gearbox to force it forward a bit, that should help.



My bolt won't lock back anymore, I can pull the cocking handle to the rear but the handle won't come back enough to move up into the notch and lock back.


Remove the barrel and upper receiver. Now try and lock the bolt back while the upper isn't in the gun any more. If it does, it is down to the two screw-in rods that push the bolt cover back.

Screw them in nice and tight and you will find that fixes the problem.




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a buddy of mine had the "feed problem" on his ca aug a2. and i know for a fact there is currently and after market feed nipple in his gun now and it works great. don't know off hand what was needed to fit it.. but i do know it is in there and it is possible to get it in there

-my 2 bits

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a buddy of mine had the "feed problem" on his ca aug a2. and i know for a fact there is currently and after market feed nipple in his gun now and it works great. don't know off hand what was needed to fit it.. but i do know it is in there and it is possible to get it in there

-my 2 bits


Bah.. where did your friend get his feed nipple from any retailers or was it from CA ?

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can u ask your friend what items and how he managed to use that feed nipple on the CA Aug?

i can do better then that i can ask the guy who actually did the install of the part. i am preety sure it wasnt a direct fit and there was some dremel use involved

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I've seen an AUG SMG Adaptor on various websites, what is it?

Do you mean this?


If so, then it's not an SMG Adaptor. It is basically the very last part of the barrel - the part that's inside the gas/foregrip block - with a 14mm negative thread on it, suitable for a silencer or flash excluder.


Using that item would not turn your AUG into an SMG. For that you need the AUG 9mm kit - see above. The best you could do would be to make a silenced version of the Para/Commando - which, to my knowledge, doesn't have a silenced version. In fact, I don't think I've seen a silenced 5.56mm AUG at all. They probably exist, but I've not seen one. I've seen the 9mm SMG AUG with a silencer though.


Hope that's clear.

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I hope this hasn't been beat to death before, but does anyone own both a CA aug and a JG? I am quite happy with JG stock performance (w/ tightbore and bucking) and not worried to get my hands dirty w/ a V.3 if need be. However what I am wondering is if the CA is worth 150 more in externals? I could afford anything in CA or TM's lineup easily, but I really don't want to waste my money for prestige. If anyone (I think there are a could people in here w/ both) has both guns, a comparison would be very useful to any prospective AUG buyers.

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Here is the part by part comparison of the CA AUGA1 and the JG AUGA1


Lower receiver: JG is thicker, more texture and tougher than CA but no trades. JG is a better fit to its upper receiver and has various improvement areas.


Upper receiver: JG and CA is almost identical, aside from finishing.


Barrel: Forward section of the JG is thicker and more rigid than the CA. However the rear section the CA's plastic is more rigid than the JG. The assembly/gas piston area JG has better tolerance than the CA and hence JG inner barrels are more aligned and straight than CA.


Optics: the CA optics are not as clear as the JG but the detail of the crosshair is better than the JG. The crosshair on the JG are often not set perfectly vertical/horizontal while CA ones are set well.


Motor: The CA motor has not failed on various CA AUGs, but I have seen JG AUG motors fail (for a strange reason, since their motors are identical to the JG G36C and none of those I have seen go kaput).


Trigger unit: JG plastics on the trigger unit do not melt as readily as CA. However JG trigger units are more prone to semi-auto locking than CA.


Faux bolt: CA redesigned this assembly and wins hands down. JG kept the old marui design and sux0rs.


Mechbox: CA has 7mm metal bushings and are well shimmed OOTB, JG has 6mm plastic bushings and are not as well shimmed. Both are as durable


Gears: Both use steel alloy CA/XYT gears. XYT gears in general do have some QC issues but not observed on JG AUGs.


Spring: Both uses a spring rated around 340fps.


Piston: CA uses the yellow polycarb piston which with modification can take up to an M150 with no issues, minor wear (3 CA steyrs have now been on their 20000-25000 rounds on M150 and M130s). JG can take up to an M130 so far with no wear .


Cylinder: JG has a 3/4 ported cylinder while CA has a full cylinder.


Airseal: JG airseal of its piston O-ring is hit and miss, CA is generally quite good.


Foregrip: CA foregrip is more rigid with no seam lines. JG is flimsy and not glue together well.



In summary, CA quality generally wins over the JG, but with a few serious issues , like trigger and contacts melting. CA accuracy is also no where as good as a JG, and body/barrel rigidity is also no where as good as the JG.


JG is a diamond in the rough but does require a lot of knowhow (not necessarily a lot of effort or time) to tune it up.


From my point of view if you know enough about tuning up an AUG, and want something with the worthy potential of a performance skirmish airsoft rifle then the JG is fine. If you are content with buying something that works/feels half decent out of the box get the CA, but bear in mind of the limitations.

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now i'm again torn between the CA and JG :(


i'd realy like the CA but, at that price range, those issues are big drawbacks. :huh:


a side note:

JG mek shells seems thinner now than cyma shells. someone over at the old ACM forum weighted two v3 mek shells, one JG and one cyma, and the JG shell was lighter. personally, i've noticed that the systema bearing bushings stick out the outside of a JG v3 mek shell. :huh:

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Unless you are wanting to upgrade pass an M150 then yeah it may be an issue, but then again most V3s has trouble as well particularly dry fired with anything greater than that spring tension.


If you are working below an M150 I don't see why the JG mech isn't going to last as long as say a CYMA or CA mech.


But knowing how krazy some people play in Filies, yeah.....




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How compatible are the CA and TM AUG version in terms of parts, upgrades, etc?

I'm always getting asked this - and indeed asked this myself before I bought the CA AUG A1 when it came out... The simple answer is this - CA built their AUG basically from TM's plans. It's a *CLONE* - but one with some improvements over the original. I have, so far, only found one part that isn't 100% identical, and that's the plastic feed nozzle - the TM can take the Iban metal feed nozzle, but the CA can't. You can, however, swap the entire ST20 assembly over, which includes the nozzles, to get around the problem.

Everything else is the same. All the upgrade or optional parts that fit the TM AUG fit the CA version. Including the Boom Arms H-Bar kit, the various other barrel parts, inner barrels, hop-up units, gearbox upgrades, the lot.

Project AUG has a complete CA AUG in there somewhere, as well as several TM barrel sections and receivers. They interchange flawlessly.

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But knowing how krazy some people play in Filies, yeah.....




:D right you are :D


the JG mek shells, btw, seem to be holding up well despite their thinness ;)


hopefully, that will also be the case with the one i have on a short-stroked PMC AK running a PDI 190. :unsure:

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My JG Aug Military has an odd problem.. when mags are removed, BBs often fall into the body, and at one point, they got into the trigger mech ( had fun getting THOSE out, I can tell you!). Mag well isn't sealed, and as such I plan to put two small pieces of plasticard in place to stop it happening... does this happen with the TM and CA ones?

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I have heard of this happening.


The Mag wells are not sealed on any version, to my knowledge. The part ST20 which passes BBs from the magazine to the Hop-up unit can slide backwards and forwards on its rails if the gearbox is removed. This part is the only thing that would "seal" the mag well. It is possible that an ill-fitting gearbox, ST20 or hop-up unit could allow BBs to fall into the body.

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Just wondering...


Is there a "proper" way to build an AUG A3?

I've seen the Jet Custom AUG RAS which gives the front end the correct look but, cos it still uses a normal A2 receiver, it's not terribly accurate further back.


Also, on that note, anybody know how the real A3 receiver actually fits to the stock?

I mean, Is the slot cut into the stock right back to the ejector port so the RAS can be cast onto the top of the receiver OR is the stock the same as a TM AUG A2 and the RAS just sits on top of it?

Regardless of how the real one fits together, I guess an airsoft A3 would have to have the RAS sliding over the top of the stock.

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Currently, there is no accurate replica of the AUG A3.


Come to that, there's no accurate replica of the AUG A2 either.


Personally, I'm not too bothered about an accurate AUG A3, because I think it looks horrible. It has none of the flowing lines, beauty or grace of the A1/A2.


The Action RAS kit "A3esque" looks something like how I would have built the next version of the AUG, so I'm happy with that.

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Can I get a drum mag for my AUG?

There was one available at WGC. You can see it here. I have one. It's rubbish. It has very low build quality, and was immensely overpriced. You could have built a better one for less simply by cutting up an AUG magazine and bolting it to a drum mag for an M16 or MP5. Which seems to be exactly what the makers of the drum mag did. WGC have discontinued it, but it's possible that some other supplier still carries it. Or you could just make one yourself, it would probably be cheaper.


Can I run my AUG on a 9.6V battery?

Yes, you can. However, be aware of the following: The CA AUG, like the TM version, is designed to work on an 8.4V battery. Using a higher voltage will increase the rate of fire, but is over what the motor is designed to use, causing damage and increased wear. The correct modifications to use a higher voltage is far more than just sticking in a different battery. I recommend having a professional do it, or at least someone experienced in such modifications, to make sure you get all the required parts fitted and properly adjusted.

Stunt can tell you more about different batteries and motors.

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The Mag wells are not sealed on any version, to my knowledge. The part ST20 which passes BBs from the magazine to the Hop-up unit can slide backwards and forwards on its rails if the gearbox is removed. This part is the only thing that would "seal" the mag well. It is possible that an ill-fitting gearbox, ST20 or hop-up unit could allow BBs to fall into the body.


bbs falling into the body or the mek is a common occurence on the BE AUGS. any easy way to prevent this? a DIY, maybe?

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