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On 3/11/2017 at 7:04 PM, Mike Obrien said:

Does anyone know where to get a JG AUG CQC RIS and upper rail? 

I'm now selling one, if you're still looking - complete Action RAS Kit with a 500mm TN tightbore inner barrel. 

See link here (or the AUG group on Facebook)

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Hi chaps - hope all is well.


I have a TM HiCycle AUG, love it!


Like an idiot I used it all day in the rain and then left it in an extremely damp car for a day. Testing it out this evening, semi is extremely flakey - I have to pull quite hard on the trigger to get a shot off, and whilst I can do it consistently if I try it's not going to work spamming semi "in combat" - too hard to do. To confuse matters more, if I switch to full auto it no longer has the two-stage trigger - as soon as I feel it hitting the 1st stage's mark, it then slips to full auto.


Any suggestions for what to look for when taking it apart? It does sound a little clunkier when firing, though I know that's hard to describe. Corrosion on the trigger contacts, perhaps?


Edit: squeezing slowly, increasing pressure, makes a slight groan/crunching sound near the rear, just above the magwell.

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