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careful (and fiddly) use of masking tape or blu-tac will help with keeping the logo. takes years though (or hours). the fact the trades arent very deep makes it even harder.


Good Luck!


is there any place that close to Los Angeles, California can do a paint job? and I also want to leave my ArmaLite Logo visible with camo paint, anywhere I can find?

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Lots of you crazy armalite cats have probably seen my hella rad rifle.



But I'm posting pictures again.. I'd like to know how much you think it's worth in sale.


---- crane stock properly fitted




---- old




You can see the rest here:



Ok so:


TM SR-16

Upgraded to 1J. Firing at 324 ~ FPS

6.04 mm Tight bore full M16 length Inner Barrel

G&G Full Metal M4 Sniper RAS (Long)

Knight's Bipod Adapter

G+P AP-III Aimpoint Replica + Mount

Prime Crane Stock fully fitted + 2400 mah battery

VN Hicap


:) How much do you reckon I'd get for a UK sale (sorry to bother you :> )





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I have a picture request :) Could I see a pic of an M16/M4 (preferably M16, but M4 will do) with an uber-cap mag in it? (meaning, drum mag/c-mag/box mag) I want to see what the different kind of mags look with the Armalites, so I can make my descision :) I already know what that "B mag" or whatever looks like (the one that is on the gun above, way above) so any others would be great.

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Ehh, that certaintly isn't rape... If anything that's just right. Infact, I think it looks amazing, except for the off colors on the NV. Other than that, it's spiffy. Nice work.


Thanks. Everything on there actually has a purpose, IMO. The side-mounted light is not a regular flashlight, it's a Surefire M1 IR illuminator since the Yukon isn't the greatest, and the thumb-button allows me to use it at my discretion.


And yeah, that's the only sling I had lying around that would fit the stock, I'll get around to getting a proper one sometime.

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