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KSC Glock 19 Problem

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'lo all,


I just got my new (and my first) GBB, a KSC G19, which is a very nice Piece of Kit.


Hovewer I have Problems when using it, after maybe 5-7 Shots the Slide won't close completely, but just before the Ejection Port Cover comes up, be "stuck" for a small Moment. In this Moment all the Gas from my Magazine is vented.


If I put new Gas in and continue, it will happen again after 5-7 Shots.


Also, I think the Blowback is varying sometimes, from a noticeable Kick to a hard one and then back.


Does anyone have a solution for this?


The Gun is completely stock, and I use Begadi Medium Gas which is a bit less powerful than Green.




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Couple things to check, first one is how are you filling the mags? You need to turn it upside down and line the nozzle of the can up with the fill valve, which is not on a straight right angle with the baseplate, and then push down for a good 2 or 3 seconds until liquid comes out.


Next check the screw that holds the blow back gubbins in is tight, but don't force it or you might strip the threads.


It might also just be too cold, try letting the mag warm up a bit before using it.

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I took a look again, and I think I found the issue now <_<


This is listed as Part 27 in the Manual. Anyone know where I can get a replacement? Or, while i'm at it, a whole tune-up for the loading nozzle & blow-back mech?


Cheers :D



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thats pretty chewed up there.


I'd say go back to the shop you baught it from and get it replaced. You said its new right?






Wooo, i didnt see the dates. 6 months later, most warrentees dont last that long. You'd be best starting a thread in the wanted forum, and checking the for sale forum to find a broken glock up for parts.

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