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MARPAT Picture Thread

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Im sure i left a reply on here at 6 this morning? Must of been to drunk. Oh well.


Its my cowboy boonie! Ive considered trimming it but i like the cowboy look of it lol. im getting MARPAT helmet covers soon so the boonies wont be used unless i see fit.


Joe: The pouches on the lower back are easily accessible they are smoke grenade pouches so i only really squeeze 1 mag in to them if i really need the mag and ammo. the upper pouch on the left if for my radio. as for the 2 40mm pouches they are just there until i have finished adjusting the vest and i find a better place for them.


Nilz: The vest is only a little loose im still trying to figure out the right adjustments as its a *badgeress* to adjust compared to most other vests.



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Where can i buy a good Marpat BDU/TRU?


Is the pattern and colours good enough?





if you search hard, you can get a good deal. i got my desert marpat set for 40 shipped.

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