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I just recieved this gun yesterday from Airsoft Tactical. (Chattanooga, TN)

It was $300, and came with two low caps, umjamming rod, and a scope.

This gun is basically a G36 with a different body and a stock 6.04 tightbore. The gearbox, hop up, all the same, it also takes the same mags.



My first impression was how durable it felt despite it being plastic. The bipod on the front is surprisingly sturdy for being plastic.

Out of the box capabilities I would rate it very poor. It was unaccurate, underpowered, and the scope was hard to sight in. It also takes mini style batterys, and one who is used to a 4500 MAH battery in a crane stock, this is just frustrating. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to close the foregrip with the battery in. My G36C quietly takes 9.6 minis, this one however did not. My first instinct (if you can call it that) was to wire it to the back in that oversized stock, but I gave up on that idea when I looked and needed a power saw to make enough room for a battery to fit.


However, there are few things I would note. The scope that it comes with is nice, good to look through. However I don't see myself keeping it on there very long.



The cocking handle which reveals the hop unit is metal, unlike the other G36 series. It seems that they stuck with the same spring to propel it back, because it is a little slow.



That trademarks aren't bad either...



On to the internals...


To get into the gun it was suprisingly simple, more simple than a G36 and me being mostly an armalite user, I was plesently suprised.



The first thing I did was swapped out the CA bucking for a Systema, the hop up units on the G36 I never really liked. The barrel is always lose, so I am sure I will be looking for an after market hop up farely soon.



The motor is a standard classic army "high torque" motor. I don't see myself keeping that very long. One note which I find frustrating is how Classic army refuses to put motor tabs on thier G36s.



Inside the box I was pleased with the quality. The compression was very nice, I didn't have to lube or adjust anything. As you can see in the picture, it comes with an aluminum piston head, aluminum cylinder, bearing spring guide and a bore up nozzle. The gearbox comes with 7mm bearings also. All of that makes this gun very easy to upgrade out of the box.



I decided to switch out the stock spring (which was putting out around roughly 300FPs) with a Guarder m120. As I pulled out the spring guide I took a closer look at and noticed it was cracked, Sh*t the bed. Luckily I have more spare ver3 parts that you can shake a stick at.



*note* Timing on Ver3 gearboxes are notoriously difficult. The trigger (which is always lose untill you close the box) is constantly spinning the gear as the spring is propelling the piston and cylinder upwards. Pain in the *albatross* but worth it...


Overall I am farely happy with it. Due to lack of funds it is not up to par with my other guns. But after a Dee's tightbore, a SP160, Super Torque up gears, a Guarder infinite torque up Motor, than I will be a happy camper. :)



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Interesting. Pretty cool that CA is including their updated "systema clone" gearbox in more of their guns.


Im really surprised that the spring guide came cracked. I could have sworn that the spring guides in all of the CQB style gearboxes that ive worked on have been metal but maybe i never looked close enough.

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I want to add my .02$ here, since I own two of these AEGs and absolutely love them. I do agree with the OP, especially with how I was not thrilled with them out-of-the-box. CA pre-upgrades these guns with a better piston head and an air-sealing nozzle like mentioned above, which were fine and dandy, but unlike the OP, I had compression issues with both at first. The one I bought used from SVTdriver on ASF, who had rewired it for deans. I opened both guns up, installed M110 springs, replaced the piston head O-rings with #14s from my local hardware store, and replaced the purple CA air nozzles with guarder version 3 air-sealing nozzles. After that, I put 455mm madbull V2 tightbores in each, with firefly soft-type hop buckings and the teflon-tape mod. Personally, I love the G36 hopup design and I find it extremely easy to get "perfect".

Each gun now fires between 390-400 fps with .2s on M110 springs and are accurate up to 175 feet, with an effective range pushing well over 200 feet, as of the last range chrono/distance test at my local field about 2 months ago (I skirmish both of these regularly, but I have 5 CA36 models so I rotate a lot).

Excluding the tightbores, which you don't really need if you're not changing barrel length, the total cost of upgrades to these guns was less than 25$. They now outrange almost every other gun at my skirmish field (range and accuracy is more important to me than just about anything else).


I absolutely :wub: the CA8-2s :D


Oh, and here's how my two are looking now:


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both Classic Army and STAR sell those long SL8-type top rails. In the states, I've seen them for sale at Airsoft Extreme and AirsoftGI, and I'm sure there are others, but they aren't the easiest things to find. Overseas at WGC shop or Uncompany are your best bet.

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Great review man, my CA SLR 105 Para uses the same exact gearbox (only difference is the airnozzle) and it's performed beautifully after the 5,000 or so bbs I've put through it. Only issue I've had was a piece of some soft metal wedged it's way inbetween my spur gear and sector gear causing a jam (still after a few months I can't for the life of me figure out where it came from). No damaged caused in any form (my spring guide was perfectly fine), so threw it back together after noticing the nice internals CA included as well as a good lubrication in all the right places with the apropriate white lithium and silicon greases. :P


Also, I recently stripped down my cousin's M15 which is one of the most recent models judging by it's serial number. While it was apart, I noticed the gearbox shell was a different design than the old CA ones that has CA markings in the side of it and from what else I can tell they have added a new spring guide. Unfortunately I didn't feel like taking his gearbox apart at the time, so I cannot speak on what else CA has changed in their more recent M15's. Still cycles and sounds like the old M15's though, so I doubt they changed much else.

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Thanks guys. I recently fit a SP120 in it and it is shooting great for now.


I would argue that my max range is about 150 feet, accuratly. Thats everything stock with just a 120 spring, so not bad.


I will repost my results after fitting it with super torque ups, and a sp150.

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I fitting the following parts into the gun...


Wired with deans of coarse...

Guarder Infinite Torque up motor

CA Super Torque Gears


Pro Win Hop-Up


Gone through about 2000 rounds with a 150, and about 200 with a 170.


It was chronoing 490 (with .20s) with the 150. Haven't got the 170 chronoed yet.


Its shooting very hard. Range is around 250ft. Wondering if a tightbore will help with a tad more range. Dee's customs are no where to be found so a tight bore doesn't seem practical now.


New picture update...


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