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Shooters Design 150% recoil spring set

Shooters Design Phase III metal slide/barrel upgrade (internal milling for a proper fit and refinished)

KM high flow valve

KM 6.04mm accurate barrel

firefly rocket valve (extra milling done to butterfly)

KM reinforced part 66

Real steel thread protector and o-ring


FPS: 372








Metal slide/barrel upgrade

KSC MK23 recoil spring

KM 6.04mm accurate barrel for Marui M19 4 Inch <i>(mod to fit)</i>

Jaun Ju P8 barrel assembly

KM hammer spring

KM hi flow valve

KM free float valve (rocket valve)


FPS: 325








Bone Stock... but not for long, working on upgrades.

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Where'd you get the metal slide and barrel set for the Tanaka USP?

The most asked question...


The metal slide/barrel upgrade was made by Zeke and has been discontinued for some time now it came with the USP.


This Tanaka USP was actually mad from two Tanaka’s that were in bad shape and missing parts. One had the metal upgrade were is the other was plastic. Had only one mag between the both of them and unfortunately it was an second generation, the same design Kaun Ju had the rights to copy (and we know how that ended up). The missing parts were supplied by a Kuan Ju but were a poor fit. So when all is said and done... it’s not a pure Tanaka but made from two orphans and a b a s t a r d.

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Just the specs of my two posted up there^^:



CA Light type Metal Body

CA Metal Cocking tubes

Armoured gallery reinforced outer barrel (didnt need to install this, was rock solid without but i already had it ;) )

Systema 6.04 barrel

Systema 1j spring

Systema metal bushings

ICS steel gears


Tanaka P8 heavyweight

Metal Outer barrel

6.04 inner

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