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H&K Picture Thread

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*weeps* That poor young MP5, a tragic end to one so young ;) Kidding mate, if you like the look of that setup then fair play to ya.


I am actually guilty of adding a couple of ostensibly extraneous bits to my newest/oldest rifle myself - the old faithful HK51 monstrousity - but its all there for a damn good reason :



Marui MC51 with HK51 barrel, extended 6.04mm barrel inside, naturally.


The cheapest RAS in the world - £14.something including delivery :D Yes it kinda shows, but still looks cool at a distance :lol: I really love the look of it actually, just not when viewed anywhere too close to the seam lines ;)


Hurricane G3/MP5 sight mount.


2.5x scope from an old air rifle. Perfect low level of zoom gives a clearer picture without losing too much of the peripheral area, also image wobble is non-existent - iron sights still very easy (if not in fact even better) to use through the scope mount base. Perfect sights for a rifle.


G&G MSG90 stock. Enough room in there for a 10.8V battery and probably the factory it was made in as well. Massive internal space, luvvly jubbly :D


XM203S underneath, mostly to keep the actual RAS together at the bottom (lost/wasn't supplied with one of the nut&bolts). The blunt-end look is a nice effect though I think, may replace the launcher with a Nitr Vo. folding grip, even though it looks so nice where it is on the G36 :D


I only need some of them short-*albartroth* madbull 'nades now and I'm in business .... taken a mere 4 years to get this done after all, thats quick work for someone like me :lol:





Anyone who says "Wellfire R8" gets a thick ear, understand? ;) I didn't find out about them until last week, boy was I not happy after planning this since I started airsofting <_<;)

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Nice stuff Whitedingo ;)

The optics are good so far. The red dot is a little tiny, but effective. The scope is well made, and all the reticle ajustments work. You can easily make it shoot where you want to.

The little con is that you nearly have to stick your eye on the Dual Optics system to see trough the scope, so it can't be used with big goggles or masks.


So it was what I expect, it's not a sniper scope, and not a AP red dot, but you can do great things with :)

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