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H&K Picture Thread

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my first contribution...



tmg36c (flat top for carry handle soon)

star foregrip (soon to be replaced by a proper railed foregrip)

mp7 buis

rico alpha 9 flashlight

eotech 511 hws

g&p kv stock

modded internals


ksc usp .45 with shooters design slide an barrel




my former g36 handle:





my usp along with my marsoc




mp7 with surefire g2 nitrolon (g&p head) and e511 , below : marushin m500




i hope youll like it!


BTW bellyisking: hows the tanaka light its almost the same price as UTL is it worth the money?

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i Aint really had the chance to play with it, though knowing streamlight products i would say get the UTL, simple because it's probably got the better light.


though the tanaka light could be converted to house a better bulb, and can house a laser if modified well, but over all UTL will have a better light to it, in stock form


EDIT* is it me or is the Tanaka light the one of snakes USP in MGS2?

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I got weird error message on this page, with no other windows open. Someone's server gone squiffy?


Is the error to the effect of "This is a low budget operation?"


That's my server. It only accepts five FTP connections at once. I used to have it set higher, but then my bandwidth found its way into the handbasket.


here are some of my HK stuff,


Like Zero i to had a itch for a launcher.


Only thing i didn't photograph, is MP5K PDW, with quick detach supressor.




That's a nice looking MP5. I can see that you're a smater man than I and kept your solid stock. It's no fun trying to cram a battery into the foregrip of one of those things!

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What do you think of the UMP, anyway?



I actually love the feel of it! It's kind of like an old Volvo, damn ugly to look at but reliable as hell and just as safe.


I'm currently writing a review on it there are a few things i'm not happy with but most of these i have been able to sort out. I haven't skirmished with her yet, will do so this Sunday and i will let you know the outcome!

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You like the MP7 or the UMP better?


Personally i think the UMP is sexy man!  :D



I prefere the UMP, the MP7 was purchased purely for function as a backup weapon when snipping but it also adds to my HK collection.


Will be getting a G36 and also the M4 variant..... already ordered the HK barrel sights and block.

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