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Charity Skirmish - Finmere - 11th May...


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Hello All,


Myself and Tiptoe (Finmere Site Organiser) have been planning an extra special skirmish in May, on Sunday the 11th - The MISFITS Charity Open!


You lot are all invited!


Basically, it's a skirmish where all the profits go to Help For Heroes (www.helpforheroes.org.uk), the charity that helps to look after our wounded Servicemen and Servicewomen.


ALL the profits will go to Help For Heroes. Tippy has even managed to convince NPG (National Paintball Games) to give up the green fees!


Also, I am contacting all the major airsoft retailers and suppliers in the hope that I can convince them all to donate something that we can raffle. All contributors will be publicly named and thanked (unless they don't want to be) and I will inform everyone of the final total and provide copies of the letter of acknowledgement from Help For Heroes. The response so far have been very favourable.


The retailers/suppliers I have contacted up to now are:


6Mil Airsoft

Airsoft Armoury

Airsoft International

Airsoft Mart

Airsoft Skirmish

Airsoft Warehouse


Combat South

Fire Support


Land Warrior Airsoft

On Patrol

Zero One


Others that I have yet to get hold of:


Action Hobbies

Airsoft World

UK Tactical


If anyone can think of someone else I should contact, has any questions or would like to donate something then please email me via webadmin at misfits.org.uk .


Unfortunately, due to the logistics involved, it is very unlikely that I can collect any donations so they would have to be posted to me. However, I may be able to arrange collection up to 100 miles of Northampton if the donation is a biggy!


I will be advertising the event on all the major airsoft forums that I can. Please tell your friends or post this on any forums that you frequent.


A Roll Call thread will go up in due course on www.finmereairsoft.co.uk, along with details of prices etc. Please register there and let us know if you plan to attend.


So, come along and bring your generous heads and fat wallets!


Many thanks in hopeful anticipation of your attendance and generousity,


Kind regards,

:rifle: Sean

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Ask people have already asked...


If anyone wants to donate but can't attend, I have zero'd my Paypal account so that you can send a donation there. I will post who has donated what (after any PP fees), along with a running total and then a final total after the skirmish.


I fully understand if people are wary of this and don't want to give, but if you do, my paypal addy is:


pinheadsk AT lycos.co.uk


Please title any donations 'Help for Heroes' and include your forum name, your real name and the forum you frequent.


:rifle: Sean

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not only is this for charity, i can garuantee you will have a fantastic time at finmere, the regulars are great and always take their hits,

the marshalls are great laughs, they organise great games and make sure everyone is playing fair and having a lot of fun.


come on guys and girls! you wont be let down and all the money is going to a great cause to help our troops


Finmeres website

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speak to lex jones or darkangel1 on the firefight combat london section of the team and sites section, he organised the last 2 pistol and shotgun games which raised around £1,500 each at our site he even got airsoft armoury to donate (reduced price i think) gas and bbs which he sold to raise cash !


Not to mention all the prizes that were raffled off !


Here is the link:




Also ask an Admin to sticky the thread so you get more attention

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Apologies for the lack of updates but I put my back out and have been in too much pain!


Anyway - here's an update... the event should be listed on the Help For Heroes website very soon. My sincerest thanks to those listed below and others who I have probably forgotten to mention...


So far, here's the list of retailers contacted and their replies (or not)...


Players who are contributing directly:

Me! - some 3-point QDL rifle slings

Tippy - organising, convincing NPG to throw some of the Green Fee in and is giving the extra profits from gas/ammo sales.

Coley - GASS are raising some cash to throw into the pot.

HappiDave - has sweet talked ASDA into donating and is giving his extra profits from pyro sales.

CHIL - is giving his extra profits from tea/coffee sales.

xaccers - is giving his extra profits from food sales.


Retailers/Suppliers who are NOT interested:

I won't name them, even I'm not that cruel!


Retailers/Suppliers who ARE interested:

Airsoft World - A couple of AEG's (yes, you read it correctly!)

Tactical Quartermaster - 1 x ACU Assault Pack

On Patrol - TAC-M7 Assault vest (black) with holster, M4 & Molle platforms.

UK Tactical - 1 pair of Desert Converse Pursuit Boots & 1 Warrior SF 300 rig.

Firesupport - 10 x Bags of Excel BB's

South West Army Trading - 1 x 511 Rifle Bag

ASDA (yes, the supermarket!) - Some wines & Spirits

Airsoft Armoury - donation unknown at this time.

Combat South - donation unknown at this time.

Zero One - donation unknown at this time.

Airsoft Warehouse - donation unknown at this time.


Retailers etc. yet to reply or requiring further information:

Airsoft International Magazine

Airsoft Mart

Airsoft Skirmish

Airsoft QMS

Landwarrior Airsoft

Airsoft Direct

Airsoft Supplier


If anyone has any influence with the above, please feel free to give them a push!


:rifle: Sean

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Just received a reply from Airsoft Armoury - they are going to donate the following:


1. G&P M16 A2 Shorty (RRP £179.99) & Battery (RRP £34.99)

2. WE 1911 Compact All Metal (RRP £89.99)

3. King Arms M16 Mid Cap Mag Box Set (RRP £29.99)

We willl also throw in some gas & ammo , quantity to be decided.

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