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Aug Picture Thread

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You could have just said you like all guns.... :P



I like being pedantic, and for want of a better word it could be said I might possibly be accustomed to defining my vocabulary and it's implementation as distinctly and profoundly verbose ;)



Edit: see the blog for a real instance of verbosity!

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No idea what it is, but my team mate Madhatter has a AUG SR with scope and silencer, and has a WA Infinity 6" Expert, and I commented on this to him, and he had no idea why it seems a commond combo either.


lol just guess thats the way it is, possibly because you can't rape an AUG people can afford more expensive WA pistols? I don't know but meh.



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Heres my current collection




G17 with metal slide and barrel form KWA


Cheapo PPk NBB but with moodified silencer, that actually works (dead silent)


TM Civvie with OD tape pattern, looks tacky from up close but works wonders out in the bush, totally breaks that shape of the gun

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Yeah, i actually got it when i got the aug, and removed some of the inner felt to fit over the stock silencer, then added foam at the end to deaden the noise, it fits perfectly in my vest innards and is great for night games

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