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Aug Picture Thread

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Bipod is going to catch the charging handle on the left side. Just an FYI.


Yeah, I just saw that as well. I could fold them forwards but that wouldn't look very good. I've seen pictures of bipods that mount on top of guns but I can't find anywhere that sells them... I don't know if I would ever really use a bipod anyways.

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Good job with the photoshopping. But the gun you've mocked up is fugly as hell, mostly due to the Action RAS kit, though, which isn't really your fault. That taclight/foregrip thing is horrible and doesn't suit the AUG at all, I'd steer clear if I were you. There's plenty of room to mount an M3 taclight in front of a folding foregrip on the bottom rail of the RAS kit.


How would those bipod legs even work in real life, looks like you've snatched them from a FAMAS or something, but there's no attachment for each leg independantly to fit onto an RIS rail...? :unsure: Are you going to make a set of custom bipo legs? That would be an interesting project... Even though I don't think the AUG you've shown is big enough to really need a bipod.

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Ha, yeah I know you don't like the A3 styled Hedge. The bipod is something like this...


It's not an A3. It looks very little like an A3. Personally, I think it looks *better* than the real A3, but that's not hard, really...


That bipod job is a good idea. Didn't know someone had already made those. Thanks for the link.

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No Aug support weapons yet?



What, you mean like the one posted here, back in December '07, and here, in October '06? Or this one, back in April '06?


Or the numerous other pics of long AUGs with bipods that could reasonably be described as support weapons? Just take a look through the previous pages, there are plenty here.

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Seeing as the AUG is a touchy subject, I'm curious as to what will happen when I throw this in:




Made it the other day on MS Paint out of curiosity. (Yes, I know, it's not 100% accurate.)


Not sure what to think of it, to be honest.




Edit: Picture Magpul MBUS sights on the top rail, and Magpul XTM rail pannels in FDE on the sides.



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Now now, simmer down. No need to stoop to his level, he's just going to beat you with experience.


trevdor, have you thought about using a Grip-pod?


EDIT: That's beautifully ugly, Victory. I suggest you do it.

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Yes, I know he said MS paint, but thats a future project if im not mistaken, and thats a concept. When he finishes it and he is capable to use STANAG MAGS, I will ask him how to do it because im interested on it and on the AUG helpdesk thread it hasnt been answered yet.


I know english is not my mother languaje, but I consider myself more than capable to speak it in most situations... maybe I was too... "subtle", if so, my apologies.

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No problem, your English comprehension is actually a lot better than a lot of English/Americans on this board!


Try sending The AUGfather or beretta a message, they've shown pictures of their AUGs with the magwell conversion already done a couple pages back.

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The major turn-off, is the gap between the handguard and the EGLM.


Soo...another MS-Paint creation:


It's awesome, in it's own little disturbing way.




looks like an even uglier F2000 IMO. cant see how the EGLM will be at all practical with the trigger where it is. on an AK or F2000 the trigger is directly below the gun's trigger, but i cant see how it would be practical that far down while in front of the trigger

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Hey guys, I have some more Photoshop mockups for ya. I'm trying to decide which silencer I like the best. I'm not sure if I got the scale exactly right on them...




I think I like the first one the best, but it's made in Italy and I don't know how I would get my hands on it. What do you all think?

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