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Aug Picture Thread

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To the people who made themselves the "shorty" AUG, is there a 14mm adapter under the outer barrel, or did you have to cut the outer barrel off? Also, when making a short AUG (the one with absolutely no outer barrel showing), what inner barrel length did you use?



Why do I bother? I mean, really? :headbutt:


These, and many other questions have all been asked dozens of time, and the answers are in the FAQ thread, linked from my sig attached to every one of my posts.


This is a pictures thread, the FAQ/Helpdesk thread is the place to ask your random (non-pic-related) AUG questions...


Please, for my sanity if nothing else, look in the right place for the information you require. :rolleyes:

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Yes, but the real steel AUG A3 is a hideous eyesore. The AUG A3-SF, however, is beautiful, so I'd love to see an airsoft version of that. :)


What's the incentive for real-steel arms companies to get in bed with airsoft manufacturers, though?


They're all getting in bed with airsoft manufacturers now so that they get another stream of revenue. Think about it all they have to do is allow some company to have license to use their trades and not only do they get money they didn't have before, but they get an Asian company that can help go after those who infringe on their intellectual property rights. We're seeing a lot of real steel companies forming pretty close relations to airsoft companies and I think it's a good thing the whole way round.

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Good evening AUG's brothers, tonight I'll be pleased to show you a prototype of my M-AUG (Multi AUG)


As I said, it's a prototype: nothing is finished and looks crappy, below the barrel it is a Nylon part but the final one will be metal.

Cocking lever isn't the final version, it still too big and bulky (however it's quite ergonomic, when it's folded I can confortably put my thumb on side of this)



And now the (dumpy) pics:


Firstly, a pic of myself ;)



Now, the bull :domokun: :




Cocking lever open:


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Treadhead - with reference to the pics you posted a few months ago, could you knock up a custom piece of under-mounted RIS like the one shown on this AUG A3?




What about this one, as seen on the AUG 9mm A3 XS?




Then I just need to figure out how to make a correct A3 style receiver, but I've seen a few pictures in this thread which look pretty accurate.


Of course, I'm still no closer to the AUG A3 SF...



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the second one is a simple enough machining job, I'd imagine the first would be too, bit more pics would be needed... Unfortunately I'm flat out at work atm, so recreational use of the CNC milll is a nono...


I'm sure Doc could sort you out nicely though...

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So.... anybody have any more info on this grenade launcher other than the fact that it's made specifically for the AUG and that it's 40mm? Looks like the breech opens similar to an M203 but I don't see any kind of trigger... perhaps the trigger is that ring on the right side?







At any rate, I'm working on a 3d model of the thing to see if I can work out the mechanics - I would love to see an airsoft version.





P.S. Sorry if this has been discussed before!

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Check out ratworxusa.com for real steal rails for the Steyr and MSAR STG 556. Not sure how well they would fit an airsoft copy.


I don't understand why we don't see better airsoft copies of the latest AUG and MSAR STG 556 rifles? Especially since the AUG is so popular particularly in video games like Call of Duty.

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That I was done with my first custom:




It looks better, but sights are too low for aiming confortably...

And if I have extented the top rail on my actual custom, it's for allowing to put more things on that.


I don't know how, but I will find a solution! ;)


What acog is that? It looks more compact than a regular one.

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TerranCmdr - sorry, mate, no real clue. I suspect the trigger is the loop on the right side near the triggerguard, but that's just because that's where I'd put it. :unsure: Has anyone actually considered contacting Steyr themselves about this and similar issues?


Maybe you could get some more decent images, if nothing else?


I'd love to be able to give actual working diagrams to Doc or someone else with access to the kind of equipment to make up some airsoft-accessable copies... :)

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