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If he can make a STANAG kit for you that would let you use AUG mags AND STANAG mags, ask him to send me one! ;)


EDIT: If not, you could always pick up a second stock from a broken AUG off the forums and then you'll have both. :)

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Never really had a liking for the AUG, but I ended up with a good deal on a classic JAC that I could not pass up. It needed a little bit of work but I have it almost completely ironed out now, and I must say the shape is growing on me.



I had to build a new trigger for it and I built a hopup unit for it so now it shoots like an AEG, but with the reliability of a BV system. Should be a fun piece to skirmish with.

The scope works too, it is a 1.5x scope, but it extremely sensitive to eye position and is pretty blurry, but it adds to the fun of this gun. I must say that this gun feels much nicer than most guns I have held, and is solid as a rock.

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Can't argue with the classics - in most cases the build quality was a lot better than the cheaper mass-market stuff we have now.


Swings and roundabouts, I guess. You want low prices and wide availability, more players in the sport, something's got to give...

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The GL with the fixed scope is a nice combo.


Agreed - that does look awesome! Nice get up too; shame about the Glock though (not a Glock fan)...


Quick AUG related question (thinking here's a good a place as any to ask this) - I'm looking to get myself a Military model (that, or a Tokyo Marui Colt M733 - but that doesn't matter): at the moment I'm edging towards the Classic Army, but it's going to be a lot of hassle to get one into the UK. Any thoughts, recommendations, or suggestions (figuring current owners would know more about this sort of thing)?

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Here is not a good place to - here is a good place to post pics. The best place to ask is in the AUG FAQ and Helpdesk thread.


However - why will it be a lot of hassle to get a CA AUG A1 into the UK, compared to getting any other AEG into the UK? If you do not have VCRA Defense, then sort that out first. See the VCRA section of the forum if you don't know about this. What thoughts/recommendations and suggestions are you looking for - whether or not to get a CA AUG A1, where to get one from, how to import it....??


Your question is too vague.

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... Your question is too vague.


Fair enough - not only am I UKARA registered, I have been for over 2 years now. The hassle I was referring to was more along the lines of importing AEGs from other countries in general; rather than the AUG specifically! Primarily, I wanted to know people's opinions towards the Classic Army AUG A1. Whether they recommended it, or not? Whether they could suggest a good alternative, or not? Etc.


[sarcasm] Is that specific enough for you? Heaven forbid I try to engage in conversation with those in-the-know when it comes down to AUGs! [/sarcasm]


After following the link in your signature - I found out what I wanted to know... mostly...

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And here is my CA AUG A1 in its latest rendition. To be honest I don't know exactly what parts are in this gun, as its about 6 years old and has 3 owners in total. All I know is that it has the PDC(?) hop unit in it, Guarder gearbox internals and a PDI tightbore. Tightbore runs to just inside the standard flashhider, which was removed in order to mount the silencer, which works like a charm apparently. ~15m shot, target didn't hear it.


Running at 380 on 0.28s. Longest confirmed kill at 360 feet.




It's the rifle being used in this pic taken at the NZ Nationals recently.





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