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2011 Picture Thread

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So I presume a TM 4.3 is quite a good choice as the basis for a race pistol?


As I may be swapping my TM 1911 for one...


Yup, its a great gun just like the 5.1. SO many aftermarket parts pretty much every piece can be upgraded.


My 4.3 race setup.(which is about to change looks)



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LOL my grand pa gave my the table the legs is like a tree trunk and its all tree like sept the top of the table where its smooth




Actualy my light is the swiss arms one there about $80-$90 bucks



The nobs are nice havent had a problem with them also theres a thing where you can have a pressure switch where you plug in if you want it



Also for the light to fit it takes some filing on the bottom of the 4.3 rail grooves not to bad though




some pics since you asked ! ;p
















Beautiful!! Very nice! :D

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Trust me once you buy it you'll never go back to a 1911 ever again


haha, dont say that, ive just bought a TM MEU as my main pistol!


The hi-capa im getting was actually mine in the first place, i swapped it with 2 mags for his TM 1911 with 2 mags, but now im getting it back with 3 mags, so its the ideal basis for an awesome pistol!

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Up date guys!!! all my pistol parts are coming in the mail from redwolf!!!



Including my airsoft sergeon PCG brazos custom slide for my 4.3 stainless is on its way i cant wait!




Also my DB custom berrel to !!



Ill post pics when i get them installed and ready to go!!

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Threw on the SD comp on my WE/TM spare parts gun. Not much left on this thing is WE anymore. The only important part that is still WE is the hop up unit/loading ramp with the exception of the hop up rubber.Also figured out at extremely easy way to pin the grip safety.













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a question about refinishing the frame on a Hi-Capa in general, I've played around with sanding the frame before, but I am little skeptical to do it again because there are parts of it where you have to sand a different direction, which makes the "brush look" loose its continuity. Especially along the "step" in the 2011 frame where it transition from the double stack into the dustcover. are there anyway around that?

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For the frame AS

No it is necessary not to polish him but the brushed ...

Use some caustic soda to remove the anodisassions !

And to have exactly the same grain as the slide I have to use of paper 280 and 400 for the finish



For the custom limcat Raymon HO I have to buy a frame limcat AS That I will also brush

I have to delay his assembly to build a completely steel custom Infinity IMM



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can you tell me where you got that slide? or what its called at least? im looking for one for my 5.1 thats got the little vented bit at the front (if that makes any sense)



cheers! =D

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Here's some of my old school Magna WA's double stacks


Metal hybrid w/ mount block

Custom metal hybrid SV slide & outer, 6" inner barrel, custom mount block & barrel spacer




ProKiller II



Speed Comp II



metal Speed Comp I

SD Springfield slide, custom comp, black sv style trigger



metal IPSC style gun

PGC Springfield slide, custom comp, metal outer barrel, steel comp locker, custom extended firing pin, thumb rest, extended mag release, custom magwell, longer guide rod with "bushing", sv trigger, prokiller front & rear sights,




SV 4.3 compact carry limited



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