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2011 Picture Thread

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Do you try to make people jealous on purpose?




How do you like that trigger? I had a similar Prime (which I'm assuming is Nova) 2-hole trigger before and it was very good quality, much better finish than the TK.

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Very nice job on the grip whitedingo. Looks great.


The Nova/Prime trigger is nice. Feels more solid and weightier than the TK 3-hole that I have. Although, the Nova has a more painted looking finish while the the TK almost has a raw machined metal finish.

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Do you wear gloves when shooting? The texture under the trigger guard seems like it would be very abrasive on bare fingers. Nice work on that stippling either way.


I've got tough fingers? Honestly, it doesn't bother me a bit. Though I did do the stippling not nearly as deep in that area. Can't really tell in the pictures though.


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this will make MR. Clean proud, as he said before, WA magna is still the BEST!


Old School magna blow-back made by Clarence Lai with the following goods


Custom made slide (perfect match with frame)

Custom machined frame (perfect match with slide with custom serial #)

CL custom bearing hammer (SV logo) with struct and pins

CL custom stainless trigger bar

CL custom ultra long firing pin (must cock hammer first)

CL custom blow-back unit with SD PKM kit installed

CL custom disconnector

Cl custom leaf spring

Cl custom sear (for 1/2 pound trigger pull)

CL custom part#8 (inner barrel lock, made by SD)

CL custom 1 piece stainless guide rod with stainless guide plug

CL custom front fiber sight (made by prime)

SD Infinity stainless chamer

KM 6.04 inner barrel

Guarder Stainless barrel


Grip safety disabled, slide lock disabled, power is 350FPS on green and close to 400 on red, the fit and feel is ultra smooth, loving it!


Enjoy the pics, my skill has yet to improve with a camera






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Sorry if it's been asked before, and I would PM you but I think some other members probably want to know as well.


Where did you get the beautiful holster?


Yeah man, I want to buy a holster/belt but don't need a real Ghost ... it's waaaay to much $$ for airsoft. Are there any cheap alternatives in IPSC holsters ??

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Whitedingo answered it. Thanks man. Its the CRSpeed holster made by ROC. I got it from cobraairsoft but it is also available at dragonrdairsoft.com. There is also this holster from Evike: Gun Armory IPSC All Purpose Shooter's Speed Holster. It's out of stock right now though and I can't remember where else I've sen it.

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