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2011 Picture Thread

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Whitedingo answered it. Thanks man. Its the CRSpeed holster made by ROC. I got it from cobraairsoft but it is also available at dragonrdairsoft.com. There is also this holster from Evike: Gun Armory IPSC All Purpose Shooter's Speed Holster. It's out of stock right now though and I can't remember where else I've sen it.



is the gun only held in place by the trigger? neat holster though.

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Edge, as Bronco said, it's a Davidson Custom slide with a Shooters Design Limcat Compensator and SD outer barrel ( I also own the SD Limcat slide). I figured why pay 600+ dollars for a Raymond Ho upper when I could create my own relatively unique setup for much much less.

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Loads of text buddies. Moar pictures!




-TM 5.1 Hi-Capa

-TM 4.3 frame

-Prime Springfield slide

-Guarder loading nozzle (simply because the original broke...)

-PGC piston head, individually fitted to the nozzle

-Nine Ball 6.03 barrel

-Falcon V-hop chamber

-Shooters Design Hot Shot magwell

-Airsoft Surgeon hammer + sear set, filed to "short 'n crispy"

-Guarder recoil spring

-Guarder hammer spring (coils cut to lighten slightly)


-Custom made spring buffer / short stroke spacer

-Hi-cut trigger guard

-"Organic" stippling

-Reverse-rounded dust cover

-Frame rails hammered to fit the slide tightly, then resized for smooth cycling

-Outer barrel fitted with custom O-ring

-Trigger overtravel stop mod

-Rear sight notch enlarged to 4 mm (I got long hands...)


Wow... Now that it's all listed, I'm surprised at how much work and parts I've put into this old lady.


(I did a better job building this gun than the lousy photoshopping)


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Can't edit my other post anymore.



These photos are of a composite gun that I mocked up some time ago to see what a Standard legal version of my Open Limcat would look like. I ended up deciding not to leave the gun together but I liked the look enough that I thought I would post up the photos for people to check out. I have since had a bunch of parts changed on the Limcat frame.










These pictures also show a good bit pf wear on the gun. I really don't baby my guns that much, they get used and they get worn. Just thought that I'd mention that.s

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As I recall you need to push in whilst turning the screw.


Also, you know that you have to remove pretty much everything else from the grip frame to get the mag release out right?


I also found the it was a pain to find a screwdriver that was small enough to fit into the hole and push on the screw. I ended up grinding a small one down in order to get it to fit right. Kind of a pain.

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