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My first ever 2011, Nova kit

My custom STI DVC Omni (Gunsmithbros kit) Full Airsoft Masterpiece internals, Nineball 6.00 inner barrel Armsaholic custom Grip Cerakoted AM magwell Seek

Zombie member post...Nova Staccato XC RMR kit Never mind the mismatched branding grip....there was a dead gun that donated its parts to it....see build thread in the tech section lol

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That is absolutely gorgeous. Parts list please :)

Many thanks!


*Prog4 slide, frame, & outer barrel (for 1911)

*TM grip from Custom Match, wrapped in Dawson grip tape; TM grip screws

*front and rear sights from Custom Match, rear with Shooters Design sight insert

*SD barrel bushing; SD recoil plug; Carom spring guide; Airsoft Surgeon recoil spring

*Tanio Koba twist inner barrel; Nine Ball bucking

*Prog4 hammer, hammer rod, hammer sear, valve knocker, & hammer spring cap; AS hammer spring; TM leaf spring

*Prog4 slide lock; PDI trigger (discontinued); TM magazine release; Nova thumb safeties; Creation grip safety

*TM BBU; AS piston head

*TM 4.3 magazine

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Question - can you build a complete HiCapa from only store bought parts? Or do you absolutely need a donor gun for all the internals and etc?


Look back to post #1307 in this very thread (p. 66). I did just that--and swore I would never do it again!

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If I were to build a prog4 270 dollar conversion kit based 2011, how much money should I reserve for it and what parts should I get from prog4 to begin with?

Also, I am thinking about the possibility to build this on the KJW co2 system, would it compatible?

Co2 works a lot better around here and is also cheaper. Also no propane to be found at any reasonable price.

The goal for the build would be a well working and nice looking sidearm that doesnt look like everything else on the field.

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Actually I would also like to know the above. I just got KJW Hi Capa and I am thinking of getting a non railed dust cover for it. Are TM spec parts a drop in fit ? (I know the KJW is _based_ on TM but which parts fit and which do not ... :o)

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How come? Are the ProG4 internals ridiculously expensive lol?

No, I think Prog4 is very good. If you buy a conversion kit (slide+frame), what the website doesn't tell you is that you get all the necessary internals (hammer sear, valve knocker) too. I have no problem with Prog4 at all--Captain KK is great, great products, great service, great shipping.


The *pain* is assembling all the other parts. Lots of TM parts are readily available after market, but a few are much harder to come by.


Like the little pin that goes in from the side, that holds the hammer spring cap inside the backstrap.


Or the tiny, tiny screw that goes in the top of the loading nozzle (included in the MAG spring set).


Or even a TM hop-up unit. You can get it from TMC, but it doesn't come with any screws.


So then you have to get the expensive Nine Ball screw set.


Or the little screw that goes down from the frame into the front of the trigger guard.


Etc. etc. It *can* be done, but you can't order everything from just one store.


Actually, having done it once, it would be easier to do again, now that I know what's particularly tricky, but it's just easier to get a donor gun, and depending on how many parts you cannibalize, it's likely cheaper too.

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I have to echo mimesis' opinion, its easier with a donor gun. If you can get one used all the better. I was planning to do my last SVI build as a scratch-built but the amount of small parts needed is annoying as hell....Granted both TMC and eHobby now carries stock parts, a lot of it like screws are not included....

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same problem I had, it all goes well 'til you're like, right I need that little screw, that tiny spring and sourcing them is a pain, and on top of that, you usually end up paying silyl amounts to get odd bits and bobs posted from all over the place. Much better to get a donor gun.


Exactly. I tried to build a 4.3 from scratch too. But when I realized that the inner frame is on stock at TokyoModel, but the rear small part of it which screws onto the hammer and sear is not, then I realized that if I buy all the tiny stuff from 4-5 different stores, I'll easily end up spending out the price of a new donor gun. And still there are many parts (like the leaf spring that pushes the hop rubber) is practically impossible to get anywhere.

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