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Cybergun Thompson Vs. TM Thompson


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Hey guys,


I have done research on these but I am not sure about the cybergun thompson. It is like a JG G36C quality wise? I do have the money for the TM and then some for upgrades, but I really want a VFC SCAR.


After buying the SCAR I should have enough left over for the cybergun thompson, should I get it? I know a lot of people have said it is really good but I just want to make sure.


P.S. Also if you have a recommendations for a 9.6 battery for the VFC SCAR that would be great.

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I have the Cybergun Thompson and have nothing but praise for it. Mine is totally stock and I still get shots further and harder than a load of M4's and AK's that have been heavily modified.


As for being silly, I know at least one Marine who was back on leave and said he wished he had one for clearing buildings and taking out door locks in Iraq. Likes the .45 and the fact that you probably wont damage your hearing as badly as with the M4. Likes his shotgun though.

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