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[Stolen Guns] Please read! [US]

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Hey guys,


A couple of months ago a friend and I had a few handguns and a digital camera stolen out of the back of my car. This occurred in the aftermath of an accident-- the car was towed to a lot, left overnight, then left for many days at several mechanics. I had no good way of removing the guns from the car (because lol, walking around town waiting for a friend to pick us up wearing full BDUs and dripping with rifles and handguns-- no thanks), so I assume someone at one of these shops took the guns. At any rate, it wasn't anyone at the COASG game we were playing at, but I though by now whoever did steal them might have tried to sell them, so if you've seen a for sale post or bought one of these guns, I'd really appreciate it if you'd let me know!


My AIM S/N is Executor253 and I leave it on pretty much 24/7 if you want to leave a message. Alternatively, you could PM me here.


Here's what I'm looking for:




sidearmsjp5.th.jpg mk23fw8.th.jpg


1x KSC Mk23 Heavyweight. This gun is easily identifiable-- externally its old, it has a matte black (not shiny) plastic frame, painted trades on the slide, a heavyweight plastic slide (gun is very heavy, slide feels cool to the touch like metal), worn threading on the barrel (from attaching the KSC suppressor which I still have), and the hammer has notches on both sides of the top of it from being hit by part of the slide.


Internally, there is one completely unique feature-- the gun has a hand-cut (by me) clear polycarbonate plastic "bushing" installed on the spring guide rod to shorten the length of the slide blowback by a few mm.


The gun would have likely come with two mags, both a little rusty, and with full HK trademarks. Also had a replica (Wolf perhaps? It came with the gun when I bought it used) LAM. This LAM has a flashlight and laser-site integrated with push-to-activate buttons on the left side, and looks cheaply constructed.




Second, there's a KSC USP compact. Unfortunately, the only semi-distinguishing thing about this gun is that it's a KSC gun (plastic slide, full trademarks on frame and slide) rather than the much more common KWA USPc (which is the same gun, but without any trademarks and a metal slide). Would have come with a single mag.



My friend had his TM M1911 stolen, that could have come with several mags (some of which leaked), but I can't think of any distinguishing features for that gun either.


In any case, if you've bought one of these guns recently, please let me know. The original thief probably would have lived somewhere between Castle Rock, CO and Boulder / Longmont along the front range. (This is the greater Denver area, for you socalers [this post cross-posted from a colorado airsoft board])


Thanks for reading this guys, cheers.

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