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Schlangsky you have the same loadout as me, except i have an AKS74M.


But that 74 is daaaaamn sexy, 1000 points for making it your self.



Didn't your AK74 have an indent in the receiver before?


If so would you be willing to sell your service (not in THAT way).


If i sent you a receiver you modded it to look like a 74 reveiver, then i sent you some money + postage charges, you post the receiver back.


If you like the sound of it PM me & we'll talk prices :)

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Stock AK with a Laylax scope mount. Usualy has the short 250 mags in it though as its used as a sniperish weapon most of the time



Spetz with a chop job. I need to either re-wire it to take a stick battery or get one of those new battery slings.



Also seeing as there are quite a few conversions on here i was wondering if anyone has a ak-47 flash hider they are willing to send/sell to me. Its the one that just covers up the threads. I can't find one anywhere

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Well, as promised, here you finally are:






PSG-1 inner barrel seems to work marvellously. The wood looks a bit better in real life too - for some reason the light of the flash on the camera doesn't do it justice.

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Hehe, cheers. Now fingers crossed nothing will go wrong with it - I've had to dissassemble it 3 times before finishing completion. :unsure:


Now I need to get an RPK74 flash hider, and some conversion kits for my 5 mags. For some freakish reason the threads are totally different between the Marui 47 and the RPK, so despite the insistence of the lousy Guarder instructions that I could screw the muzzle from the ak onto it, it only seems to work when I screw in backwards. Which does look cool, admittedly, but any mil-simmers will develop a nervous twitch if they look at it too much...:(

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Sparky, what kind of mount is that for the red dot?  Also, isn't it kinda hard to see, being so far forward??


Nice pics, though they would have looked better with a mag in them.


It is a smokeys mount for AK's, picked it up from AEX in Southern California, although I'm pretty sure WGC stocks them. Decided to go with the 'Ultimak' AK, I've seen enough to know thats what I want, although the real ultimak mounts wont fit Airsoft AK's. Most the people have the Surefire M95's, but I opted for the M900 just because I already had one and didn't want to sell it. Here's some pictures of PMC's in the sandbox with Ultimak AK's.




Hmph... guess its just personal preference, I'd just seen to many wood and metal AK's and thought something else was needed.

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