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has anyone got a G&P GP-25 launcher??? if so pics would be very helpful... especially if it is on an ICS AK74m with Kobra MKII red dot... I guy can dream...

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VFC and Mak in an old Oakley display case (has a full set of locking drawers for spare bits underneath! :) )



basic gun shot... meh.



detailed and refinished the gun, new stain and serial in wood.



proper "chrome" muzzle with "carbon" residue ;)


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Okay, some of you have seen this in it's basic state

already but it's taken me a day to fit this so I thought

I'd show it off.


Smokey's AK Bullpup conversion with a PS0-1 scope.

I've also swapped the PBS supressor that was fitted for

an AK-74 flash-hider as my next game is a CQB one and

I wanted to cut down the length.


Hope you like!







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my spetsnaz


and the usual got a "i new gun how much can i stick on it" pic

caution some veiwers may find the folowing image distubing

i've got plans for a full wood and metal conversion and maybe a Guarder blow back bolt carrier. can anyone recomend a good metal body?

there looks to be alot out there i just dont know which is best. also does anyone know if theres a metal front set for the spetz?

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