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A few things,

According to some, all cats are grey in the dark, however, I have met a few kittys that got a lot more colorful once the lights go out. :P

And another thing, is it just me, or is that model like... 12... as in Years old...

Anyway, one thing Airsplat got right, Maxim models+AirsoftGuns=Win


But then again, I am an american...


Right, on topic, Sweet AK!

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That's great, how did you get the folding stock to fit? Did you have to put in a real steel rear trunnion?



No, I used the TM ( or was it Cyma? :P ) folding mechanism, milled the holes in the receiver and cut down the Guarder stock tang. I still have to fill up the end of the receiver.

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I plan on changing my slr to an rpk also. Im gonna use the stock reciever till I get the money for the inokatsu reciever set


I just ordered this wood kit friday, cant wait to get to carving and hollowing.



Then im gonna get one of those JG SVD's for the barrel, gas block, front site, and bipod. Then ill just need the cleaning rod and the little loop hole thing that holds the cleaning rod on.

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The bulges are made out some metal strips, receiver started life as a milled ak47 receiver.


Yep, that nv is pretty heavy :P , the gun is all metal/wood, so the receiver won't break.


Thanks for the comment!

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Welcome to the club 


Here's my custom RPK with 1PN58 night vision:




Oh wow! That is a beautiful weapon of destruction. It is making me drool just looking at it.


Quick question to all about those scopes:


If I pick up a POSP scope made for an AK (a real one obviously), would it be able to mount fine on the side of a TM AK47 without any problems or would I need to rig it up somehow?


This is the one I was planning on getting:



And the reference link:


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Do take note however that attaching the side mounted rail on a TM plastic receiver will break it eventually, depending on use. If you can, stick the side rail on a metal body. If you can get your hands on a VFC aks74u or a CA slr105, those already come equipped with the side rail.

Not the SLR105, at least not the black version, you need to go all out for the "Steel Version" for an added rail mount. You're thinking of the ICS AK74.

In essence, a metal body is best for mounting a scope.

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