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Thank you, I'm rather fond of it.


Carbine -yep. I've got 3 more where that one came from, and a bunch of E. German bakelites to convert (I'm rather fond of their reddish coloration over the Russian coloration).


The plum mags are all Izmash and have full proof and stamping. They make me very happy.

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Here's the guide.




I didn't follow it 100 percent, I just used the paint colors he suggested and kinda went on my own from there.


Here's some shots of the receiver.



I also chopped the bolt down to be closer to what the real one is like


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I love what you did with the sight block, it looks like it's machined steel.


I changed my AKM to black, as I'd rather have my wood AKM built with a receiver with scope rail. I'll get another to put it on soon.


With black, I decided to attempt the look of the Bulgarian AK color, which from what I've seen usually aren't blued, unlike Guarder kit.


I used this paint called Alumahyde 2, and after some experimentation I think I got pretty close.


Sight block with proper Bulgarian sight



Gas tube and barrel detail, I remember one of my real Bulgarian gas tubes looked like it lost paint, so I tried to do the same effect.




Top cover:



If this is nothing like a Bulgarian AK, please let me know. I haven't seen a real Bulgarian AK up close just read and look at pictures.

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G&G RK-103 (got myself a PBS on the way for it)




King Arms / Atoz SVD - originally imitation wood as in first picture but followed the same guide Ye old Canadian to dull the plastic down to a preferred colour.



From this:




To this:







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