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Fitting 8.4/3600 sub-C battery in an AUG stock!

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For a role of DM I wanted a gun that is short, long barreled and quiet. Naturally The AUG fits right in. Only probem is, That I wanted a battery that could handle a tougher spring withought increasing to 9.6V because I don't want more ROF.

So, this is what I did:


1. Ordered a large type 8.4V 3600mah NiMH sanyo battary.


2. To make room, I removed the back plate that holds the gearbox, and made a replacement from aluminium and thin foam to hold the gearbox:





3. Before I butchered it up, I first wanted to make sure it fitted in. so I found something round that was the same diameter of the sub-C battaries- in my case, a broom handle- cut it up to 7 parts the right length- and fiddled with it:



4. So, I cut up the battery, detached them all- and lo and behold- it didn't fit! At least, not in the same way the broomstick did. So i played with it until it fitted in, sort of. Stuck out a bit in the middle, but I thought- "Hey, the back cover is rubber, it'll bend around". so I soldered the battery in 2 parts, to make it possible to install it and remove it from the stock:







5. The back cover didn't hold well. I tried to improvise with velcro- It held, but it didn't keep that airtight fit that makes the AUG so quiet. I needed to stretch the rubber better. I thought, "if you can hat from plastic in the oven- why not rubber?" . So I built this wooden frame with gap a bit smaller then the back cover:


(note- it wasn't so burnt when i built it)

I put it in the oven and whithin 10 minutes made 2 important discoveries:

1. When you heat wood in the oven, 270 degrees celsius- it sort of burns. it smokes ALOT, makes the whole house smells like bonfire, and it turns black.

2. Rubber reshapes a tiny bit by heat, but also ages a lot.

In the end- it covers and seals, with the help of the velcro contraption. I will make it prettier when I'll have time and power.

the velcro thing without battery:


and with battery (you can see a tiny gap, but the inner lip of the back cover keeps it shut.)



Well, it took more time and effort then I planned (it allways does..), but it works! :) Time to take my baby to skirmish ^^




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