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Well, might as well add my small collection.


The one on the left is a Standard Chrome TM Hardkick.

The one on the right is an Upgraded TM Hardkick with Zeke Metal Slide.




One with the slides back...




And if you're wondering, yes I do have nicknames for my Desert Eagles.


"The left one is James Westfall, and the right is Dr. Kenneth Noisewater."







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Cheers guys, I do miss my deagle, currently home-home away from the student house :P


Does anyone know what scope rings will fit a deagle?  it's not the regular 20mm type...


Btw, nice sights hkssr20det, I only wish the ones on zeke slides weren't one single piece! :P

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yeah, I'll get round to finishing it off after exams, the front sight wants some paint me thinks :)


the whole thing came to me spray painted black :o (I did ask for it to be black however...) took one night of painstaking sanding, I particularly like how the hard to reach areas are still a black, makes it look worn ;)

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I'm unsure, but the mags hold *just* enough green gas for one mag of bbs... if that's anything to go by :P


I think the previous owner upgraded the hammer springs and I put high flow valves on the mags and upgraded recoil spring later on.


kick is pretty sweet and managable due to the sheer weight of the thing! the upgraded recoil springs give a nice snappy action to the slide ^_^

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