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My old DE, crappy picture..


I remember taking just this out onto the skirmish field once, I was hiding behind a tree with a group of the other team all with AEG's round the corner in some bushes shooting at my team opposite them, I jumped out and shot off the whole mag taking out all of them! Was such a good moment, until I got shot in the head from behind..

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I have a few pictures a page back or so. But since then, I have bought the Guarder "Electroplated Silver" upgrade kit for my Desert Eagle. And I must say, it looks awesome!



Note, there is no loading nozzle in the gun, because I broke it trying to take the slide apart again :'(





The trademarks are just stunning on this gun. They are engraved deep and are highly visible.



And the best thing Guarder did with this is change the silly "Made in Japan" to the real "Made in Israel".


And still, I'm having some fitment issues with the slide and frame, that I've almost fixed. But I was planning on using this at Codename Thunder, but I guess I wont be due to my carelessness.

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