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IMI Weapon Thread

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I love my Tavor :)


Check out this thread, for comments made by early adopters some months after the Ares came out and by late adopters like me.


Check out this thread for indignation over how bad the MARS is, plus a good deal of useful info.


Check out this thread to see how good the Ares is compared to the the other Tavor (I cannot speak its name) ;) .

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Nice setup mate - similar to what i'd like to do. Tell me - do the Pmags go into a Tavor without any modification whatsoever?


They will fit if you slap them in a little, or if you file down the little catch that holds the BB's from flying out of the mag down a little as per Beretta on the review thread. Mine fit tight and snug with no wobble.

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Nice looking photo blackhaggis! A shame about all that pre-fired ammo!


Thank you for your comments ;-) Much Appreciated.


Alas Mr Government does not like me having not fired ammo around and the people who 'can' have the not fired ammo that I know tend not to want to spend 8 hours sitting around watching me photograph guns.




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