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That's what I mean - the clip thingy behind the iron sight. Didn't TSI release one for theirs, but it didn't even fit? I remember a video review of it and the reviewer couldn't get the thing on his gun.


Also, anyone know if this is Ares compatible?



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The clip-thingy is built-in to the top of the plastic stock. I'm trying to find a good image, but can't. Since I'm in Afghanistan, I can't photograph my team-mate's. If someone with a Tavor could photograph the top of the body behind the scope/scope rail and post that up here, then people would see what I mean...


And yes, that real-steel rail will fit on airsoft Tavors. My team-mate has one. He also has the $150 gripod/taclight from that same website.


But you'd think that a replica of that rail would work just as well and cost less, if you could get someone to machine one...

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Agreed, Ares weren't too slow to release a rail set for the Tavor, I'm surprised they haven't done anything about that rear clip thingy. Or anyone else for that matter.


And I think it should officially be referred to henceforth as the 'Rear Clip Thingy'.

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TM 6" Desert Eagle

Guarder Electroplating Kit

Guarder Steel Sights

Guarder Steel Slide Stop

6.01mm TB Inner Barrel

170% Recoil Springs

170% Hammer Spring

Marushin Gold Saftey Screws

Hogue Finger Groove Grips

Soon a custom CNC'd steel front slide as mine is damaged and stops the pistol cycling properly :(


Flings .3gs absolutley miles at a lovley 310fps, only problem is it doesnt really work below 10C - 15C just too cold...





TM 10 " Leon Custom Desert Eagle

150% Recoil Springs

Hogue Finger Groove Grips



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