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In theory yes you can. In practice however I'm having BIG problems with that particular theory as it doesn't seem to operate on green gas at all.....


But like I said, looks alright doesn't it?

Looks very good! And for the package you got a DE with metal slide and rubber grip that can take CO2 and gas.

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What's the ambient temp at your place, Reload?


-35oC for I am an Inuit! Do you think this might have an effect? :P


Nah, it's around 22oC. I posted a thread on tech forum checking all things gas as it goes (here). I think the temp's OK but not certain the gas is correct. Anyway, I just got a reply from UNcompany saying they think the mag itself is faulty and they will replace it. CO2 gets here tomorrow, full results on wther the gun itself works then I guess.

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Must admit, I really didn't like the extended mag at first. But the photos don't do the reality justice. When you've got the DE in your hands and you clip that brick into it (mag weighs slightly more than the gun itself does :blink: )........ it does feel kinda gooood. B)

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I'm just making sure all the pics I've seen are still up to date...


The dual-tone CO2 has no rubber grips (just flat pistol grip), while the black CO2 has ergonomic rubber grips, right? That really sucks because I like dual-tone since I like to stand out (EVERYONE has a black pistol), but I'm not crazy about the standard grip of a DE.


This throws a wrench into my previously-solid decision to get the dual-tone. :unsure:

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but I'm not crazy about the standard grip of a DE.


You could always get one of the Hogue style grips and i've seen some wooden ones for the Marui version on Den Trinity's site. Also, there was an article not long back on the main page about some custom Desert Eagle grips that were being released.

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