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I have tried a ton of different AK mags in my ICS Galil, including a drum magazine. They have all fit and fed so far. Funny enough I have problems with ICS Galil magazines with fit and feeding.


I do believe (not 100% sure though) that Cyma guns were based on the KA Galil, which I know is a bit trickier to get mags for.

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I'm probably up for a rail as well if they are not too expensive (yup I know it's down to the materials used).  Still in two minds if I'd use it though as

1.  I prefer the look of the military iron sights version v the full top rail version sold to civies

2.  I might be looking to use a rail raiser as my mesh face mask gets in the way of me being able to site along at present


On the other hand, if you look at my picture you'll see my Eotech over hangs by a cm or two due to length and I'd also prefer another extra bit of space as there's not enough space for the magnifier to sit up with the lens cap on.  Additionally it'd allow me to move the PEQ centrally.

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thanks dapprman for your input, its good to know the other side for those that dont like the full length rail. i will say that your setup does look rather cramped there but it works! amazed you managed to fit a magnifier and an eotech on!


its one of those things that you probably wont know if you want it until youve seen it in person, which is fair enough. as for the price, i cannot reveal to much yet until i discuss things but i am mindful that cost is everything! 


hopefully in the near future the mk.II will be ready to show off. even though the mk.I looks ok it is by no means ready to be sold.


and my apologies scott ;)


currently in the process of installing a mosfet, hair trigger and a few other goodies :)

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No Marui Tar-21 unless you include the 'kiddies' 0.2 joule 4xAA powered MTAR.


At present, as far as I'm aware, you have

Ares (with MARS sight)  - the flawed original

Ares v2 - much improved though still suffers from trigger micro switch problems (now a problem with mine)

S&T - cheap plastic version of the Ares

S&T Pro - better quality materials outside and battery located in to the fore grip (good idea), but same internals

Umarex - rebranded S&T

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